E-cigarette Saving Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much you can save switching to e-cigarette? Behind many reasons for you to switch to e-cigarette from tobacco cigarettes, cutting out smoking expenditure remained at the top second after health. If yes, you may probably think how much bucks actually you can save with e-cigarette.


To make the things simple, XEO CIGS present you a saving calculator which actually shows how much money you can save switching to e-cigarette in three different time span, daily, monthly and yearly, based on no. of e-cigarette you smoke every day.

It calculates the price based on the average price of tobacco cigarette in Europe and an average capacity of e-cigarette cartridge, or in other words, capacity of vapor production of the quantity of nicotine present in your e-cigarette.

All you need to do is to enter a no. of cigarettes you smoke every day and it will give you daily, monthly and yearly saving statistics on smoking.

It is still in Beta version and soon we will launch full version, allows you to enter the price of cigarette you smoke of a specific brand and price of e-cigarette to provide a more precise amount of smoking.

Try it Now, And Discover Your Saving in Day, Month and Year.