Which Is More Sexier, Vaping or Smoking?

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Some recent surveys have unearthed startling results. More and more people today are saying no to tobacco smoking than ever before. This is quite amazing given the outlook of the earlier generations. There was a time when smoking cigarettes were considered sexy. It was promoted such in the cowboy movies and the action flicks of the era. A dangling cigarette from the lips with smoke curling upwards became the epitome of sex appeal, with both men and women projecting such images to the audience.

However, today the times have changed. Tobacco smoking has ceased to be the in thing. The latest fad is the electronic cigarettes. ‘The times they are a changing’ is evinced by the fact that nowadays one finds the simulated versions of traditional fags gaining momentum. This user-friendly version is considered sexy which adds to its popularity among the generation next. Studies show that over 65% of the regular tobacco smokers have switched onto E-cigarette and are enjoying the experience. It is amazing that these electronic versions have today reached a higher level of acceptability than ever before.

This in turn portends well for the health industry, which has its own horror story to tell regarding the harmful effects of traditional smokes.


Vaping is Sexier Than Smoking

Vaping is in and smoking is out!

Those, who do not wish to be labelled a ‘retro’ or considered outmoded, are jumping on the vaping bandwagon. Now it is easy to say no to smoking even without sacrificing the pleasures of the habit. This style can be flaunted to the heart’s content minus any negative impacts.  Teenagers especially are catching on with this trend. There is no censure from the elders and it is labelled cool by the peer group. One gets encouragement from all quarters.

Smoking cigarettes have long-standing repercussions which are absent in the use of e-versions. Now it is possible to appear sexy in front of others without inhaling the death fumes.

The Current Vaping Trends

Hollywood, which has over the years promoted cigarette smoking, allowing the lead characters light up on screen, has now switched camps. This latest trend is visible in some of the high-profile flicks. Celebrities have taken up the cudgels of promoting the healthier options by using the e-versions both on and off screen. The rising popularity and acceptability of this revolutionary device can be felt through the introduction of the World Vaping Day, last year. The research conducted to discover negative sides of e-cigarette have failed to come up with anything as of yet.

It is quite interesting to note that over the years the definition of hot has changed. Traditional smokers are going to be an extinct species soon, if the latest rave reviews of electronic cigarettes are any indication. The rebel without a cause is gone forever and in its place is the confident and thinking youth of today. Instead of inhaling black fumes which undermine life, they choose smoke simulation, and look sexy beyond description doing that.


Future Developments on Vaping under Veils

There is a steady growth in the number of electronic cigarette users all over the world and the leading manufacturers of the product are leaving no stone unturned to make their products more popular and attractive among the smokers. If you are one of those who newly fell in love with e-cigs then you must be pretty curious to know what is there waiting for you in the future and you must be delighted to know that quite a few new electronic smoking devices are on the process of development and you can have a chance to look and check out those smoking devices in very near future.

Among all the new electronic smoking devices that are waiting for a launch into the market the ECigPod deserves an early mention. There can be nothing more relaxing than smoking and listening to your favorite music at the same time and the ECigPod is going to provide you with that perfect opportunity. Have a smoke and listen to your favorite tines anywhere and anytime with these amazing devices.

The E-Cig Mobile is another device that is expected to be extremely popular among modern tech savvy smokers. Anybody can have a chat with other e-cig users within a radius of 5000 mile using the Halo ECigMobile service installed in these smoking devices.

The E-Cigarette Pen is going to be another great smoking device for e-cig lovers. These smoking pens look same as common pens but one end of the pen can be used as an ordinary ball pen and the other end as a touch pen while the smoking device is conveniently fitted in the middle part of the pen. They are difficult to be identified as smoking devices and are great to sneak in those places where even e-cigs are not allowed.

The E-Cigarette Bling is going to be the first electronic cigarette made of pure gold and there is also a diamond that sparkles every time the smoker inhales. This is certainly a great show off and is certainly going to be popular among posers and rappers.

The E-Cigarette Drug Delivery Device that is still at the development stage can very well be considered as the best and most helpful of all the new e-cig smoking devices. They can certainly be a great and most useful alternative for painful injections and will allow the patients to inhale their drugs in a wide range of delicious flavors.

The E-Cig Assassin is perhaps the most ambitious of all the e-cigarette smoking devices under development. This harmless looking smoking device will also be able to throw a dart that is lethal enough for instant killing. This particular device will be a special gift to those secret service agents that will allow them to enjoy their nicotine fix without setting off the alarms.