Various Tobacco Products and Health Concerns Associated With Each

Do you know how much other tobacco products are there to consume tobacco and nicotine other than cigarettes? Tobacco has been growing in America since the 12th century by Native American Mayan Indians. Tobacco was being used for different medicinal and religious events before it started growing for smoking or for cigarette production.  Before an invention of cigarettes, people used to smoke tobacco in different form, pipe like device, rolling it into plants leaf and or smoking through Hookah  like devices. Different instruments have been revealed for smoking from various historical cultures. Let’s have a quick look at all these popular products for tobacco smoking.


This revolutionary device is gaining pretty much popularity among the younger generation due to its affrodablity and ability to provide harmless smoking without the use of other harmful chemicals generally found in cigarettes. E-cigarette is a cigarette like device which operates on battery and produce nicotine vapor like smoke from liquid nicotine which smoker needs to inhale through the mouth. The key features of E-cigarette, tobacco is used for flavoring purposes only and it doesn’t contain any second hand smoke. E-cigarettes are available in various flavors and types, have a look at detail post on “ introduction to E-cigarette” for detail information regarding E-cigs.

Cigar and Cigarettes

As these two products are most used for smoking, don’t need to have further explanation on what they are. Cigarettes and cigar play big role in the state economy and overall health and medical expenditure. Every year, cigarette smoking cause maximum deaths than any other diseases in US and government spends billions of dollars for medical expenditure and tobacco control programs to control youth smoking among different states. Read our post “Smoking Trends in US” for detail information on cigarette smoking.


Snus first get introduced in Sweden and being used as chewing tobacco. In Sweden, Snus is also pretty much popular for quitting smoking products as reduced cigarette consumption have been seen among people who use snus instead of cigarettes. In the US, Snus is getting good popularity as chewing tobacco and being started manufactured by big brands like Camel and Marlboro due to increasing excise duty and a ban on cigarette advertising among different states by government.  Consuming tobacco only instead of other harmful chemicals is the biggest advantage of snus over cigarettes.

Liquid Tobacco in Hookah

Another form of tobacco smoking is inhaling smoke from liquid tobacco stored in a bowl like device and producing smoke by continuous heating the liquid in the bowl. Origin of Hookah is considered to be in Asian culture and then being introduced in US and European countries. As per shown in image, hookah contain liquid tobacco at the base and smoker needs to inhale through long pipes attached to its base. People enjoy such a kind of smoking in a group rather than individually as more than one pipe can be attached to the base which contain liquid nicotine. A liquid used in Hookah contain 2- 3 % of tobacco only for flavoring and available in various flavors. Smoking hookah is less harmful than the cigarettes and snus explained above.