Why Electronic Cigarettes are Best Alternative of Real Cigarettes?

Whether you smoke Electronic cigarettes or real tobacco cigarettes, there is no guaranty that one of them wouldn’t harm your health. Objective is to choose the one which is less harmful or in other words which is much safer than other.

As per FDA, Electronic cigarettes must not marketed with purpose of smoking cessation product as it delivers nicotine in form of vapor and it also found some toxic chemicals during its research even if the content which wasn’t capable enough to harm to human body, it recommends to use other nicotine replacement product like nicotine gum, patches or nicotine inhaler which are approved by FDA as smoking cessation products. As per current statement, E cigarettes falls under tobacco product and can’t be marketed as cigarette cessation product.

If you are addicted to smoking and have already tried out these smoking cessation products, you might have experience that none of these products which are so called “nicotine replacement product” works best against your smoking habit the way it delivers nicotine to your body.

Nicotine is addictive ingredient which makes you addicted of smoking tobacco and other harmful chemicals present in real cigarettes.  At the stage when smoking secures its place in your schedule, it becomes very difficult to quit smoking instantly with these products and you have to adapt a method which helps you to quit smoking in progressive sequential stages.

Why Electronic Cigarettes?

There is couple of good things about electronic cigarettes which makes them best alternative of real cigarettes and a product to regulate your smoking habit.

First it eliminates the use of tobacco and other harmful chemicals like real cigarettes which reduce the possibilities of being victim of diseases like lung cancers, kidney cancers and other heart diseases.

Nicotine present in Electronic cigarettes is in very low percentage with intention to satisfy your body carving of which you are addicted to. Means the level of nicotine is as low as other nicotine replacement products.

Due to having structure which produces vapor from liquid nicotine present in cartridge which supposed to be inhaled from mouth, it provides same smoking sensation like real cigarettes without use of tobacco. Means an addicted smoker can easily switch to E-cigarette which is almost difficult with other nicotine replacement products.

If one wants to utilize e-cigarette with purpose of quitting smoking, he or she can reduce the level of nicotine sequentially stage by stage from higher to lover by using cartridges with different percentage of nicotine and can switch to cartridge with 0mg nicotine. Thus, provide logical loyal reasons to be tried out as smoking alternatives.

Along with above basic features, it gain certain advantages like no second hand smoke, affordable, long lasting cartridge which equals to one pack of cigarettes and freedom to smoke any place makes it much safer and much fancy compare to real cigarettes.

Certain research also concluded that the nicotine and other chemicals present in E-cigs are similar to products approved by FDA as nicotine replacement therapy.

So technically and logically, E cigarettes are thousand times safer than real cigarettes. If you are addicted smoker, you must give a try to these electronic cigarettes for better health and safety!