FDA and Electronic Cigarettes

Since ever its first introduction of electronic cigarettes, it’s been always in great issue against its circulation and regulation. If you wander whether FDA approves the circulation of electronic cigarettes or not this is the post for you to reveal all your questions about Electronic cigarettes and FDA approval.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) gives final approval for the products to circulate or marketed in US. This includes all the food, pharmaceutical medicines & tools, tobacco products. So the food we take or medicine we prefer, if they are approved by FDA, you are safe at your side on its usage as FDA puts its all efforts to give final approval on circulation of that specific products.

FDA’s Definition of Electronic Cigarettes

Official definition of electronic cigarettes by FDA stats as the device which is made for delivering nicotine in form of vapor and described as three parts which are rechargeable battery, atomizer and cartridge.

Does electronic cigarette have FDA Approval?

As of now, there isn’t any statement by FDA about safety and effectiveness of E cigarettes. But FDA in process and interaction with ECA( electronic cigarette association)  to work with corporation to establish rules for circulation and marketing of electronic cigarettes by satisfying the aim of FDA of ensuring public health.

What Category E cigarettes fall under?

Nicotine itself get considers as drug which require to meet pharmaceutical standard. Drugs used for nicotine replacement follow certain standards on its approval as nicotine replacement therapy and E cigarettes Nicotine doesn’t get considered as replacement therapy products means not adoption as drug product and device also not considered as medical device. So it falls under tobacco products which require meeting the rules defined by FDA for its marketing and circulation just like other tobacco products.

Past Evidence Against E-Cigarettes By FDA

Previously, FDA conducted detail analysis on cartridges from two different brands and found that the contain of nicotine wasn’t as per mentioned on cartridges.  Along with inaccurate content of nicotine, it also gets certain harmful toxic chemicals which may harm human health if delivered for long term. Based on this research it has provided warning letters to five distributers of electronic cigarettes for improving the manufacturing quality of products.

Research & Statement in Support of E-Cigarettes

Due to the lower level of nicotine and deduction of tobacco from its cartridges, it is logically true that it is 1000 times safer than traditional cigarettes and can become best alternative of cigarettes to smoker by causing less damage to human health compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Research by AAPHP (American Association of Public Health Physicians) supported the sales of E cigs to make an influence of death ratio among adults due to smoking.

E cigarettes are “much safer” and can regulate the habit of smoking is the conclusion of research on E cigs conducted by Boston School university of public health along with providing statement that level of nicotine and other toxic chemicals are as lower as other nicotine drug products.