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E-Cigarette Types-Choose the One That Appeals To You

Of late, are you considering a switch to electronic cigarettes? While this is a very good idea, for the first time shopper the plethora of available choices may prove to be a bit of a deterrent. Doing a research prior to scouring the markets is a good idea. Besides the different types of e-cigs, the new phrases and terms associated with the electronic smoke is also something worth knowing. This may make your selections easy if not downright simple.

Broadly speaking one can distinguish the e-cigs into two main types-

a)      Regular

b)      Ego

Regular electronic smoking devices resemble the traditional tobacco variety in shape, size, and appearance. When starting out these are highly popular options for the buyers. One may go for either rechargeable or disposable varieties and start vaping.

Ego e-cigs on the other hand resemble chunky pens. These constitute a battery along with an e-liquid containing tank on the top of the device. Once you are using the electronic devices for some time and feel comfortable using them, these but become your ideal choice because they come with more vapour and better flavours.

Disposable E-cigs

As the name indicates, the disposable variety cannot be recharged and their use is equivalent to 50 traditional cigarettes. You do not need to assemble it. Just take it out from the pack as you would do your regular sticks and start smoking. Their prices generally start from £6.99.

Starter Kits

When you are starting with e-cigs, you require the right components all at hand. The starter kits are ideal choices in this regard. In these, you will get cartomiser, battery, and USB charger all in one place. All you need to do is charge the battery, and assemble it with the cartomiser and voila you device is ready to use! When vapour stops emanating, just replace the cartomiser. In most cases, a single cartomiser is equivalent to 40 cigarettes, but this number may vary according to the brands.


The origin of e-shisha is in a bid to replace the harmful shisha and it comes with fantastic fruity flavours that appeal to the users. Their enticing appearance makes them worth the buy and these fun products target the young people and are of the disposable kind.



Manufacturers are forever trying to make the electronic cigarette experience worthwhile and fulfilling for the users. They are forever trying to bring in new and better products that ensure the full value for the money one spends and take them further and further away from tobacco smoke. One such brand-new product is Ego-t, an advanced variety with better quality of vapours and interesting flavours. It contains two specific parts, the clearomiser and the battery. You can refill the clearomiser as needed ensuring continued use is not possible with regular electronic vaping devices.

Now that you know the main choices available to you, taking your pick will not feel like gobbledygook! So go ahead, your E-DEVICE is waiting!

eShisha, As New Year Resolution!!!

Have you planned your New Year resolutions? If not, eShisha is something you should include in “Must to Do” list for all cigarettes and hookah smokers. There are thousands of youngsters and people enjoy hookah smoking even if they don’t smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes due to lack of awareness that hookah smoking is as dangerous as cigarette smoking. When you enjoy hookah smoking with your friends or at a social gathering, continuous 2-3 hours of hookah smoking is more dangerous than 100 tobacco cigarettes due to continuous inhalation of smoke through hookah tube. If you want to dig little bit deeper, have a look at our published infographic, “eShisha Vs Hookah Smoking”. Let’s discuss why you should consider eshisha in your resolution list.

Shisha_Slider_us (1)

Vaping eShisha is Better Than Smoking Hookah/Cigarettes

There is tons of research and studies stated that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Vaping means No Tobacco, No Tar, No Ash and No Second Hand Smoke. One particular difference you should aware as a smoker is that, e-cigarettes contains nicotine to satisfy the craving that smokers are addicted to while eShisha doesn’t contain nicotine. Means, eshisha might not be as effective as e-cigarette as an alternative to cigarette smoking but the people who are only addicted to hookah smoking must try eShisha rather than e-cigarettes.

If saving Money is in your mind, eShisha is for you

Do you know cigarettes are one of those products on which government impose highest taxes. As per the survey, when there is a hike in tax on tobacco, no. of smokers or purchases of cigarettes have been reduced considerably. That means higher income to the government and low spending in medical expenditure caused by cigarette smoking.

Switching to eshisha or e-cigarettes from traditional tobacco smoke can cut of 30-40 % of smoking expenditure of a regular smoker.

It Delivers Better Health and Productivity

Do you know there is around a loss of $97 Billion in lost productivity and $98 Billions in Medical and healthcare expenditure in US. In one of the surveys in which participants switched to e-cigarettes for 90 days, less amount of tar in the lungs, higher stamina and better health has been observed compared to previous condition.

Not just for cutting smoking expenditure, it also helps improving health in shorter time period.

Unbox, Inhale and Vape, No preparation

Are you tired of preparing hookah that require filling liquid to jar, tobacco and burning coil everytimes you need to conduct the hookah smoking session? If Yes, eShisha is must to have for the new year. As it operates on electronic battery, all you need to do is unboxing it from the package, inhale from authentic mouthpiece and enjoy vaping anytime, anywhere you wish and get freedom from all efforts you require for hookah setup.