World’s Most Powerful E-cigarette Introduced at Night Clubs


Future Developments on Vaping under Veils

There is a steady growth in the number of electronic cigarette users all over the world and the leading manufacturers of the product are leaving no stone unturned to make their products more popular and attractive among the smokers. If you are one of those who newly fell in love with e-cigs then you must be pretty curious to know what is there waiting for you in the future and you must be delighted to know that quite a few new electronic smoking devices are on the process of development and you can have a chance to look and check out those smoking devices in very near future.

Among all the new electronic smoking devices that are waiting for a launch into the market the ECigPod deserves an early mention. There can be nothing more relaxing than smoking and listening to your favorite music at the same time and the ECigPod is going to provide you with that perfect opportunity. Have a smoke and listen to your favorite tines anywhere and anytime with these amazing devices.

The E-Cig Mobile is another device that is expected to be extremely popular among modern tech savvy smokers. Anybody can have a chat with other e-cig users within a radius of 5000 mile using the Halo ECigMobile service installed in these smoking devices.

The E-Cigarette Pen is going to be another great smoking device for e-cig lovers. These smoking pens look same as common pens but one end of the pen can be used as an ordinary ball pen and the other end as a touch pen while the smoking device is conveniently fitted in the middle part of the pen. They are difficult to be identified as smoking devices and are great to sneak in those places where even e-cigs are not allowed.

The E-Cigarette Bling is going to be the first electronic cigarette made of pure gold and there is also a diamond that sparkles every time the smoker inhales. This is certainly a great show off and is certainly going to be popular among posers and rappers.

The E-Cigarette Drug Delivery Device that is still at the development stage can very well be considered as the best and most helpful of all the new e-cig smoking devices. They can certainly be a great and most useful alternative for painful injections and will allow the patients to inhale their drugs in a wide range of delicious flavors.

The E-Cig Assassin is perhaps the most ambitious of all the e-cigarette smoking devices under development. This harmless looking smoking device will also be able to throw a dart that is lethal enough for instant killing. This particular device will be a special gift to those secret service agents that will allow them to enjoy their nicotine fix without setting off the alarms.

What Constitutes an Electronic Cigarette?

Those who want out from the world of tobacco haze can now embrace the revolutionary technology which is making forays into our everyday world. The E cigarettes are making it easier for smokers to quit for good. An insight into the various parts of the cigarette and how they work can be really beneficial. This is an extraordinary devise with amazingly simple components.

The Starter kit

For those who are starting out in the realm of Electronic cigarettes need the starter kit in order to understand it thoroughly and make the most of this wonderful device. It is basically quite a small package which contains everything the user is going to need for using the E cigarette. Besides the components there is a guidebook included which is a step-by-step explanation of making the most of this product.

The Cartridge

The cartridge is the most important component of the E-cigarettes. This is what contains the tobacco flavor which allows the smokers to simulate the experience of a real cigarette. Propylene glycol is the liquid which is used in the E cigarette. During smoking it forms the water vapors which are laced with nicotine flavor. The buyers may choose from a variety of different tastes including menthol, strawberry, melon, Sweet Cherry,tobacco , arctic blue and vanilla. The nicotine is optional and it is provided in a small plastic cup which produces vapors during suction.

The life span of a cartridge is equal to 1-1.5 pack of traditional smokes.

The Battery

Battery is the component which powers these electronic devices. There is a LED display at the tip of this part which simulates the glowing embers when suction is applied by the user. When you purchase these cigarettes a pair of batteries is included inside the kit for starting out. The lifespan of the battery is brand specific. While some of these may last only for two hours there are others which can provide a full-day service. However the most popular one are the rechargeable batteries which contain lithium ions.

The Atomizer

It is ultimately the atomizer which gives the users the real tobacco experience. This is the portion which helps to vaporize the liquid which is present inside the cartridge. And it is the batteries which powers this atomizer to get on with the vaporization procedure. This component is basically hidden from the view since it is quite small in size. The durability of atomizers also depends upon the brand of E-cigarette. However in most cases it lasts for around four months before one needs to replace them.

The Accessories

Each electronic cigarette starter kit contains a charger for the lithium ion batteries and a handy travel case for carrying them about. While most of these cases can contain only a single cartridge there are others which contain space enough for even five of these.

Sophisticated and Harmless Smoking Habits with Electronic Cigarettes

For people who find it hard to get rid of their long standing smoking habit, Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes can save their day! It is a potential ‘greener’ option that can still continue to satisfy their urge for smoke, while negating the side effects of the harmful nicotine and other compounds present in tobacco.

Tobacco consumption has been the underlying factor for millions of deaths annually, and cigarette smoke is the commonest form, as it causes a number of life threatening diseases. Sadly, it continues to be one of the most popular bad habits that human civilization has ever acquired. Nonetheless, the invention of smoke free and physically safe E-cigs is the answer to this global epidemic.

These battery powered devices are capable of creating the same sensation of original smoking except their toxic effects, but the most interesting part is their tremendous saving capability. Though the initial investment can be pretty high, but it will allow you to save at least 40% on your smoking expenditure over the years.

Moreover a single cartridge of these battery powered E-cigarettes is equal to 40 cigarettes, and that can keep your pockets lighter. Also there is no need to carry a lighter or a matchbox, which makes it more convenient to carry.

The smoke and the odor that common cigarettes emit are unpleasant and unsafe for both you and others. The tobacco smoke filled with lethal nicotine and carbon-mo-oxide is yet another reason for the rapidly evolving popularity of e-cigs. Every smoke is nothing but water and vapor, and thus they leave no smell behind. Hence, causes no discomfort for the non-smokers or passive smokers. With Electronic cigarettes you can keep the smoke to yourself, and never tamper your surroundings, and thus you receive an enhanced social acceptance, despite your unhealthy habit of smoking.

Though it is  slowly gaining momentum, but you must also know that they are yet to get an approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and they are prohibited in a number of countries. A lot of further and advanced research is required to derive at conclusive results of it benefits, and the flip side, if any. The product utilizes the glycerin based liquids and their exact effect on the human health is still under the lens.

An initial cost of  switching to E-cigs may seem higher than the cost of one cigarette, hence due to continuously increasing taxes on traditional cigarettes, It can turn into your money and health saving device.

At last a famous quote on E-cigs by David Halpern, British Government Nudge Unit “There’s no doubt it [The Electronic Cigarette] can save many lives and hundreds of millions of pounds.”

Save Money with E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes is actually a kind of electrical device designed to simulate tobacco smoking by producing a vapor that almost resembles the appearance, smell and even the physical sensation of real nicotine in traditional cigarettes but with no health implications. A liquid solution of propylene-glycol or glycerin is used in the similar way as in a nebulizer or inhaler and heat or ultrasonic wave is often used to vaporize the glycerin based liquid. The primary aim behind the invention of this product is to provide smokers with a compatible alternative to tobacco smoke minus the negative side effects. It makes an exceptional smoking cessation device.

Though the possible benefits and adverse side effects of Electronic cigs are still pretty uncertain, and subject is under further research, yet it is almost definite that they are less harmful than original tobacco smoking. But the effect of the glycerin based liquid used in these devices on human body is under the lens, and as different manufacturers use different types of liquid for the purpose that only makes the situation more complex, and requires an exhaustive research.

There are three main components of the Electronic cigarettes, a cartridge that is used as the mouth piece and also holds the liquid used for evaporation, an atomizer serving as the heating element that is responsible to vaporize the glycerin based liquid, and the third one is the power supply which is a portable battery.

The next big advantage associated with the use of the E-cigs is that they also protect the non-smokers from the adverse effects of passive smoking.

If you are an avid smoker willing to stop smoking for better health prospects, but you desire to meet the sensation associated with the tobacco, then the e-cigs make for an ideal alternative. You can smoke freely, without any health risks. You can even smoke them in restricted and non- smoking areas, without bearing the brunt of the law or public gaze.

The only possible difference between an e-cigarette and a traditional one is that you are not required to light an electronic cigarette, and there will be no fire and ash. But it smells and tastes just like the traditional cigarette and also render you with the similar feeling of the old smoke.

What you can never deny about E-cigarette is the amount of money you are going to save. Though the initial investment may be high, but their incredible rechargeable quality helps you save regularly. Without the ash and the butt ends they are cleaner and sophisticated than their traditional friends, and you can smoke them almost anywhere without breaking the law.

E-Cigarettes – Add Style to Cigarette Smoking

In present day scenario, people are undergoing immense stress and tension amidst tough competition, and ever-challenging workplace and lifestyle. To withstand such condition, cigarette smoking has become a common habit for people, irrespective of the age group and gender. While it might provide temporary relief to the person from intolerable strain and stress, it poses a disastrous impact on the health as well. Cigarette smoking may not only cause different types of cancer in the person, but also affects the environment and people around him significantly. So, what do you do?? Despite of knowing about the harmful impact that tobacco can have on you, would you smoke, or quit?

E-Cigarettes – A Breakthrough in Cigarette Smoking

 Who said cigarette smoking is all about inhaling harmful tobacco into your lungs? Not anymore! To cope up with the dreadful impact that cigarettes can have on your health, trendy and ‘healthy’ e-cigarettes are introduced in the market to add a style to your way of cigarette smoking. The electronic cigarettes come with an atomizing device, battery components, a light indicator, and a rechargeable cartridge. Yes, rechargeable!! No need to buy new cigarettes every time you finish off with your stock. Simply recharge your e-cigarette and it is again ready for smoking. Amazing, isn’t it??

The cartridge contains liquid which gives the feeling and taste of regular cigarette smoking, without having any harmful impact on your health. Yes. This is because there is no tobacco in electronic cigarettes, and what you intake is only a vapor of nicotine. The liquid in the cartridge forms a vapor under combustion, which you inhale while smoking. Electronic cigarettes are being promoted in many countries, actually promoting the concept of ‘quit smoking’ in the way of providing a cigarette that feels and tastes real, but is free from problems related to respiration and lungs. No wonder, it is a breakthrough in the world of cigarette smoking.

E-Cigarettes – Smoke in Style

How many times people around you have been irritated with your cigarette smoking? The fume that is produced by cigarettes can also cause significant health implications to people around you, and feeling the smoke around your face is really disgusting! Here comes a new class of cigarettes that is absolutely smoke-free, while giving you the taste and feel of real cigarettes. Most importantly, they do not contain any harmful chemicals used in traditional cigarettes, and also do not put stains on your teeth!!

What more!! With a trendy chic design, e-cigarettes look exceptionally stylish, adding a subtle charm to the way you smoke. It comes with a light indicator at the front that glows as you smoke, giving you the real feel of a cigarette. And there will no nasty smell on your clothes, avoiding disgusting smokers’ breath.

So, what are you thinking of? Simply say goodbye to the traditional cigarette, and switch to stylish and healthy way of smoking with e-cigarettes.

XEOCIGS.COM – E-Cigarettes Starter Kits, Cartridges and Other Accessories

Few might aware of e-cigarette brand name XEOCIGS, booming in the UK market and you might see it with fancy point of sale displays at various retail stores across UK where E-cigs are available for sale. Well, XEOCIGS is another e-cig brand offering e-cigarettes in various delicious flavors and vary in two starter kits. Let’s have a quick overview of the origin of the brand, starter kits design and flavor of cartridges offered by XEOCIGS.

Brand Name: XEOCIGS

Online Store:

XEO electronic Cigarettes

 Origin:  The origin of this brand and manufacturing unit of E-cigs is located in china which is also known as the native place of invention of electronic cigarettes. So XEO is not another brand which is distributing or selling e-cigs manufactured by others, it produces its own E-cigarettes which ensures the best production of E-cigs and its accessories. This would also result in offering most affordable price of E-cigarettes compare to other brands in market ensuring best quality and taste of E-cigs.

Disposable E-cigarettes, Starter Kits and Cartridges

Best XEO Ecigs Starter kits and accessories

As shown in above banner, it comes with 7 different flavors of e-cig cartridges and each flavor Is available in the form of disposable for trial. It has given two choices of starter kits to buyers, one which is available with 1 rechargeable battery and 3 packs of cartridges and other available with 2 rechargeable batteries and 5 pack of cartridges. Furthermore it adopts the latest technology and made it available in 2 pieces which are rechargeable battery and inbuilt atomizer with cartridges as shows in below images.

If we look at the price, 3 pack starter kits available at price of € 29, 7 pack starter kits available at€ 49, and disposable at €9 only.

7 Delicious flavors

Classic Tobacco

Fresh Menthol

Sweet Lemon

Arctic Blue

Strawberry Menthol

Sweet Cherry

Juicy Melon

Other Accessories

2 in 1 Battery Charger

It provides 2 in 1 charger for power up the battery of e-cigs, you can plug the charger in two ways, from the USB plug from your laptop or computer and from normal electricity plugs with 2 pins, and thus it can serve both as wall charger as well as a USB charger.

Electronic Storage case

If you want to get rid of charging your e-cigarettes with USB charger, you can use this storage case which keeps the battery of e-cigarette charged automatically. So all you need to worry about charging this cabinet instead of each stick individually. It is available in fancy colors and shapes which you can carry anywhere you go with the status.

Bonus Points

XEO Rewards Points

Earn XEO Ecigs Rewards Point

On purchase of each product from its online store at, it assigned some points to each user which he can use to avail different discount. Points can be earned in many ways, registering with the website, referring to friends, sharing it to profile and making purchases. With each next purchase, the reward program notifies the discount you can get with your points. Earning 1200 points would get free e-cig cartridges and 600 points would get you 50 % discount on its price.

XEO Affiliate Program

All who are crazy about E-cigarettes and have their personal websites or blog to spread the voice about e-cigarettes, they can turn their efforts into real income joining XEO affiliate programs and promoting XEO products on their website or blog. Each affiliate would be rewarded with commission on each sale brought by their website or blog.

Earning Discount through social Sharing

XEO Electronic Cigarettes Share it On Social Media Platform

If you don’t want to do extra things to earn rewards or join as affiliates, just like its fan page on Facebook or follow it on Twitter to earn a 5 % discount on all products at online store XEOCIGS.COM

Looking for different prospect like product design, price of e-cigarettes, accessories and product specification, it seems like it is going to cover a large market of smokers across the UK.