XEO CIGS Clearomizer, New Product Range in XEO CIGS Family

Do you use XEO CIGS but rue the fact that they do not have refillable products yet? Won’t it be fantastic if you can get an ideal combination of high quality with the reusable cartridge capability? It seems that the company has understood the requirements of its customers as is evident from their latest introduction in the market. Now they are offering a new product range XEO Clearomizer that simply adds to their existing line and comes with additional features not present before. With competition increasing in the electronic cigarette market, manufacturers need to evolve their offers continuously.

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The XEO Clearomizer range seems like an appropriate choice for the customers because now they can purchase the starter kit once and replenish it repeatedly with their favorite flavors. In order to attract the maximum number of customers, the company is also keeping the prices quite affordable. However, this is nothing new because people associate XEO CIGS with strict quality controls and affordability. Clearomizer 3-Pack and Starter Kit Clearomizer are the newest products on the block from this popular e-cig manufacturers. These retain all the properties that one associates with electronic smoke while being a definite improvement from their existing product ranges.

Clearomizer 3-Pack

This 3-Pack Clearomizer as the name suggests comes with three electronic cigarettes in a single pack. It is a money-saving proposition for the buyers because they can get multiple devices at only 12.90 Euro their introductory offer. With a single filling of this e-cig, the users can enjoy regular vaping, which is equivalent to 400 puffs from your traditional cigarette. Also, it uses X-Vapor technology that does away with unwanted leakage which can undermine the capacity of these devices. Since, these are completely refillable you can use them up to 20 times without compromising on the quality of your vaping experience.

Starter Kit Clearomizer


It is the second product in XEO Clearomizer range and it comes with all the components that you require in order to begin your refillable e-cig experience from scratch. This starter kit comes with,

  • Xeo Clearomizer
  • USB Charger
  • Standard Li-Ion Battery
  • User Manual

The capacity of high quality Li-ion battery is 280 mAh and presence of a USB charger ensures that you can recharge it on the go. Other features include the presence of an LED white top, and automated start-up functions. So now, e-smokers can enjoy this rechargeable, disposable, and compact device with multiple filling options for only at 24.89 Euro as part of the introductory offer from XEO. Get ready to make the most of an awesome development of vapors, which this device is capable of producing.

With the launch of a Clearomizer product line XEO CIGS has surely upped their standards besides increasing the options for their customers in the coming times. It gives buyers of value added product, which ensures flexibility of use and a significant cost saving proposition. So, why go for a traditional smoke ever when you can get an all round exclusive vaping experience that comes 70% cheaper and brings an all-new refillable option? Isn’t this time to give it a try!


Defense for E-Cigarettes Gains Momentum Prior to European Parliament Vote

As the European parliament is all settled to vote on the 8th of October this year to regulate and consider e-cigs as medical products, efforts to defend them against the regulation is also gathering momentum. A demonstration in Strasbourg is also scheduled to take place before the vote and according to Brice Lepoutre, Independent Association of Electronic-Cigarette Users president this is just the beginning of the revolution against tobacco consumption in all over the world.



This has been a proven fact that the number of smokers is declining, as more and more people are opting for vaping in the world. An estimated number of 7 million people are currently using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional nicotine smoking exclusively in Europe. The sales of e-cigarettes in the U.S. are expected to rise at least three times by the end of the current financial year. Bonnie Herzog of the Wells Fargo Bank thinks that the currently available figures suggest that it will not take more than a decade for e-cigarettes to overtake ordinary tobacco cigarette sells if only allowed by the regulating authorities.

As more studies are being conducted on these products, e-cigs are certainly coming up as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and they are also found to be pretty good in helping people to quit smoking. They are also better accepted by the nicotine gums and patches. They are mostly sold as leisure products and are generally covered by quality and safety standards. But everything is still not well under control and that certainly makes the regulators feel uneasy. There is certainly the need of maintaining a global safety standard. Obviously there is little parity about labeling and quality and there are a few other factors too that people required being concerned and careful about.

There is one worry that e-cigs can attract individuals who might otherwise have avoided nicotine consumption. E-cigarettes are certainly less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes but they too are addictive and that cannot be denied. Another thing that worries the regulating authorities is the fear that e-cigs might actually encourage people to smoke in places where smoking is prohibited. There is also a possibility that e-cigs can also re-glamorize smoking which is certainly losing in popularity due to well designed campaigns, tax increase and prohibiting restrictions.

One of the most important things required to be done is bring in strict product manufacturing standards. E-cigarettes are smoking cessation products but as they are not considered as medical products e-cig manufacturers are not required to seek prior approval for maintaining desired pharmaceutical quality standard. These things should also never be sold to children under a particular age and the quality control criteria should also be strengthened if the desired results are to be achieved.

British American Tobacco, Largest Tobacco Company in Europe Makes a Foray into the E-Cigarette World

With the popularity of e-cigarettes increasing every day, it is no wonder that even the established tobacco companies are eyeing this ever-growing market. The latest company to realize the profit-making potential of these electronic devices is one of the best-known names in Europe. Its interest in the world of E-cigarettes is surely going to give a boost to both the makers and users of these simulated versions. Presently, the tobacco giant has only launched the disposable varieties but plan to expand their offerings in the coming times.

Online marketing of this disposable electronic device is in the offing and in the near future, the makers are hoping to make the product available in various retail stores. The buyers no longer have to search for it because the manufacturers want to make this disposable cigarette easily available to anybody who is interested. Marketing this newly launched product, is not going to be difficult because the company already has an established customer base waiting. People, who have used their traditional tobacco products until now, get a chance to try something new and interesting.

Based on the reception of the disposable format, the tobacco company wants to launch their rechargeable version soon. This initiation of cigarette makers is a natural progression towards harm reduction involving this addictive product.  Prices of the product are reasonable owing to its being a disposable variety as well as being a new industry entry from an established tobacco maker.

In keeping with the current rage in the world of electronic cigarettes, the latest disposable variety from the tobacco giants offers the feel and appearance closest to the real thing. This is a compact and light product, which offers ease of carrying around anywhere, any time to enjoy a good smoke. Futuristic design and ease of use makes this an appealing and in all respects and manufacturers are hoping to make a statement with this introduction. Those who are looking for a good simulation of the original in the disposable form can rejoice in the efforts the makers have put into its development.

As more and more cigarette companies start making forays into the world of electronic fag, the competition is going to increase in the coming times. While only the best and most innovative manufacturers are going to survive, the real benefit lies for the buyers. They can, not only select from an expansive range of products, but also get bargain prices for the best items.

Still, the latest endeavor from an erstwhile exclusively tobacco product maker is working as a boost for the electronic cigarette industry. With the best tobacco company in Europe showing the way, others are sure to follow suit sooner than later! For now, however, there is nothing to do except wait and watch!

E-cigarettes News and Updates in 2013

Britain To Regulate E-cigarette Under Medical License 

It is one of the most recent news about e-cigarette industry in the UK. According to the MHRA, Regulating e-cigarette under medical license can make people worry free of its quality and effectiveness and can add one more alternative product for consuming nicotine in a Better way. With this intention, it stated that by 2016, all e-cigarette vendors and other products containing nicotine must acquire a medical license and pass through standard defined by them.

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France to Ban E-cigarette in Public Places

As e-cigarettes are free of tobacco and second hand smoke, till now, public smoking with e-cigarette was allowed before. With this new law, even e-cigarette users are restricted to smoke in public places and other similar restriction are applied on e-cigarette just like traditional tobacco cigarettes with concern to public health and safety.

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Study Comparing E-cigarette Vapor and Cigarette Smoke 

A research on e-cigarette vapor and its negative impact on non smokers have been answered by this survey conducted by scientists in Greece and Italy. According to a press release published in journal Inhalation Toxicology as a result of this research, it is found that e-cigarette vapor is less Cytotoxic compared to that of cigarette smoke.

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The leading E-cigarette Company BLU CIGS acquired by Lorillard

What you call it, A success of Blu cigs or a smart step by leading tobacco manufacturing company Lorillard for its dramatically introduction to the e – cigarette industry. Lorillard is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of tobacco products in US. With its penetration in the e – cigarette industry through blu cigs, it clearly shows that e-cigarette has a huge potential and big tobacco Dady want his share from large ever growing customer base of e-cigarette users.

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Forbes News about E-cigarette industry Growth and Usage – 

A story by forbs introducing e-cigarette as a potential alternative to cigarette smoking, providing insight on economical growth of various big brands and overall industry growth compared to last year and survey that reveals the effectiveness of e-cigarette in people of varied age.

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E-cigarette Circulation Under The Regulation of MHRA in UK

In a recently published article, the United Kingdom Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has stated that henceforth e-cigarettes in the country will be controlled and regulated like medicines. This has been decided with a focus on improving the product, and also to maintain a standard in manufacturing and marketing that is approved by the authority.

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In U.K. alone smoking causes more than 80,000 deaths every year. Once it becomes mandatory to acquire license from the regulatory authority for electronic cigarettes and other related products – they will be recognized as medicines, and will be sold over-the-counter only. This is not at all a very good development for e-cig manufacturing companies producing substandard products. Presently, e-cigarettes are self regulatory to meet the market standards, but once they come under the medical regulation, access to these products will be more restricted, and that seems quite unjustifiable for a number of manufacturers.

But from the user’s point of view this is certainly a good new, as they will no longer need to worry about the product quality they will be purchasing over the counter. Moreover, if you are under age, you will not get your hands on those products. These are certainly going to bring down the sales figures, but in a world that expects around 8 million deaths caused by tobacco consumption by the end of the year 2013, it is a necessary step forward.

Way back in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.A. announced categorizing of electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and bring them under their regulation. As per FDA, at present customers have no way knowing the safety standard of most of these products available in the market, or how much nicotine they will be inhaling by using such products. E-cigs, though can be a very good alternative to traditional tobacco consumption are currently not recommended by either the FDA or the MHRA simply because of the fact they are not regulated to maintain a certain standard.

MHRA considers complete cessation of smoking as a good alternative. But that can be pretty difficult for most regular and habitual smokers. Subsequently, getting the required amounts of nicotine from safer sources is without any doubt a healthier proposition. Until the regulation comes into action, consumers are advised to depend more on nicotine patches and gums to cut down on their daily nicotine consumption.

Both FDA and MHRA aim at bringing the e-cigarettes under their regulation and surveillance and once these devices are classified as therapeutic usage items, situation will be more under their control. Many manufacturers might not be happy with the announcement, but this is certainly a healthy step towards the future.