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The Ultimate Birthday Gift Unveiled-An E-Shisha Pen Covered In Diamonds!

A Russian oil magnate based in London, who chooses to remain anonymous, has commissioned what is being touted as the costliest E-SHISHA PEN in the world! According to the sources, the billionaire has spent a little over half million dollars, £550,000 to be exact, on this birthday present in a bid to help his girlfriend give up smoking! This precious stone-encrusted masterpiece contains 246 clear and flawless two-carat crystal diamonds, where each stone is worth £1,800. Besides, it also contains 46 Swarovski yellow crystals and an oval six-carat diamond at the tip worth £46,000.


This ultimate in electronic vaping device features authentic Italian hand blown glass from Murano, the Island series in Venetian Lagoon. It also has a gold 24-carat button and even the clearomiser base comes with a gold trim. Can anything be grander than this? Named, ‘Shisha Sticks Sofia’, creating it has taken 4 ½ months and, according to the manufacturers Shisha Sticks it has been the DREAM BRIEF in every way.

Going for electronic custom-made vaping devices seems to be the latest trend and this tsar among personal orders has surely raised the ceiling sky high for the coming times. While not everybody can be expected to pay such huge amounts to appease themselves or those close to them, one is going to see a spurt in fancier and more ornate orders in future related to vaping machines. According to the makers of this splurge in the world of e-shisha pens, the Russian tycoon in his personal order wanted them to create something that will be the ultimate in STYLE, CLASS, and LUXURY!

Within reason, money was not a factor for this project. So, Shisha Sticks could go on and give their best to realise the wish of their client. First, they sought the approval of the design for the spectacular e-cigarette. After this, the makers set about finding and sourcing some of the finest gold, glass, yellow crystals, and diamonds available out there. The result is, of course, for all to see! While it took awhile to create this marvel, it is no doubt a unique Shisha Stick, the finest in this particular category. After all, the wish of the billionaire was to get the VERY BEST the makers could create.

As the manufacturers of electronic vaping are looking to capture the chunk of the market, this spectacular production is surely going to give a boost their endeavours and attract attention BIG TIME! While the price of this commissioned device is extravagant by any standards, especially in relation to electronic vaping machines, both the Russian tycoon and his girlfriend no doubt have a MASTERPIECE in their hands! This surely is THUMBS UP for the E-SHISHA PEN industry!

Target a ‘Niche’ Customer Segment for E-Cigarettes to Grow Your Business

It might have not hit your mind yet, but the strategy to innovate and target a ‘niche’ customer group is the buzzword for success in the world of e-cigarette business. After the news of a Tennessee-based jail offering electronic cigarettes to its inmates spread like ceasefire, more and more e-cig manufacturers are focusing on how to innovate and make their product more appealing to an ‘alternative’ customer group for e-cigarettes. Not just the prisoners, but the idea has invigorated the concept of designing new e-cigarettes that target a completely different set of customers.


As e-cigarettes are gaining immense popularity, it might find a way to Hollywood, where film makers might portray them in movies. However, this might require the product to be more upscale, modern, and precisely what people wish to see or something that will sell well. So, if you can reinvent your product to make it more appealing and realistic to the mass, and of course, to the filmmakers, it will serve as a powerful platform for free advertising. You might think about re-designing or improving the mechanics to provide a feel of real smoke that will look wonderful on-screen. By targeting your e-cigarette brand in Hollywood, you can earn a dramatic impression and visibility, provided it hits the mind of customers who are keen for looks than experience.

Gaining prominence in the combustible work environment

One of the most prominent ‘niche’ customer categories for electronic cigarettes includes people who work in highly flammable and combustible work environment. Smoking in such places is prohibited, and it goes without saying that they would look for a better alternative that standard cigarettes. Hence, you have a fantastic opportunity to target this segment with newly designed e-cigs that are typically enclosed with a static retardant casing and comes with more fail safes. This will appeal significantly to the niche customer segment, enhancing the demand and visibility of your product.

Targeting people with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenics demonstrate a higher smoking rate and the conventional rehabilitation techniques can be dangerous for people with such mental health issues. Not only it takes a toll on their physical and mental chemistry but also creates a conflict within themselves that can be devastating. Fortunately, e-cigarettes have proved to be quite successful with schizophrenics without any significant side effects. If you wish to target this growing market for electronic cigarettes, it is important to create a product with only nicotine and no other pharmaceutical issues on the person. This might also cause you to attract other set of ‘niche’ customers such as patients with Alzheimer or Parkinson.

With electronic cigarettes and its impeccable health benefits, you have the opportunity to unleash umpteen possibilities of targeting your brand to a ‘niche’ segment in a unique and compelling manner.

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U.K. Government Realizes E-Cig as Better Alternative to Tobacco

Cigarette Alternative

Skeptics beware! The Even U.K. government admitted recently what proponents of e-cig are harping on repeatedly; these virtual smokes are a healthier alternative to tobacco. Unfortunates who tried every cure to give up smoking and failed miserably can now breathe a sigh of relief. There is help in the form of electronic smoke. It has the capability to fish the chain smokers from the darkness of poisonous fumes and show them a new healthy life. The question may arise that what made the government change its stance in the recent years.

This is not a sudden shift in attitude but rather a gradual changing of the tides. When years of research failed to dig up any dirt or negative effects of e-cigarette there is nothing to do but admit defeat. Then there are the overwhelming positive cases where people have actually benefitted from these vapor smoke sticks. Negative effects of tobacco are something that media, government, medical authorities, and anti-smoking campaigns emphasize continually. However, simply telling the people to stop smoking is a wrong stance. First, there has to be a positive alternative and this is where e-cigarettes prove to be beneficial.

Those who are unable to leave off smoking and were apprehensive regarding using the electronic alternative can try it now especially after the green signal from the U.K. government. One thing is for certain, every revolutionary product brings with it many questions regarding the veracity of what it claims. There is nothing wrong with this. After all, it is never possible to embrace something without knowing about the pros and cons. There have been many times in the past when something new and considered safe ultimately turned out to be a fraud. Therefore, cynicism regarding new product is natural.

This however does not mean that claims should be refuted, as they use logic and scientific base to put their case. Electronic cigarettes use simple technology to provide smokers an alternative to fatal tobacco smoke. There is nothing shady or unclear regarding its mechanism. Smokers can now inhale tobacco-flavored vapors instead of the real thing, still enjoy the process, and find relief without getting addicted. With so many people, dying from lung cancer and other ailments related to tobacco in spite of anti-smoking campaigns it is high time that alternatives get a fair chance.

People who always knew the benefit and health effects of e-cigarette including their capacity to initiate fat burn rejoice in view of U.K. government declaration regarding its positive sides.  This at least ensures a bright future for such simulated versions and one can hope for increased benefits in the coming years with more declared smokers switching to such harmless alternative. Anti smoke campaigners, laud this government step wholeheartedly.

After all, it is better late than never!!