XEO Cigs Makes It Big With Shisha2Go Range

XEO Cigs – one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of the finest quality e-cigs and Shisha2Go has recently launched its Shisha2Go range of e-cigs in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. The product is already available in a variety of unique flavors, like, Sweet Red Apple, Wild Blueberry, Honeydew Melon, Sunny Peach and many more. The brand has already reached a whopping figure of more than 1 million units sold in a period of around two months. According to the company officials, the huge demand has emptied the company warehouses and new supplies are expected to reach the customers very soon.


Shisha2Go is another addition to the already impressive product range of XEO Cigs and the seductively sweet Red Apple Flavor has turned into an absolute craze among the users. The distinct and fresh fruity flavor of wild blueberries or the refreshing taste of Arctic Blue Ice are also immensely popular and e-cig smokers are certainly in there for some amazing moments with Shisha2Go.

Shisha2Go e-cigs are also equipped with an innovative and pretty expensive start up function, while the supreme strength of the 350 mAh 4.2 V Lithium-Ion battery keeps the Shisha2Go going on longer than anything else available in the market. Apart from Las Vegas, XEO Cigs also introduced Shisha2Go in the last Frankfurt Hookah Fair, and as per the company officials, it is an instant hit among e-cigs buyers in Germany too. Superbly elegant design, seductive flavors, and the best e-cig smoking experience – are the factors that have combined to make Shisha2Go a great hit anywhere they are available in the market.

The Frankfurt Hookah Fair, which was also the first of its kind in Europe, was a huge success as hundreds of e-cigs and eHookah manufacturers and exhibitors from all over the world participated with their exciting product ranges. But with its Shisha2Go range of products for non-smokers, XEO Cigs was certainly a crowd puller and the Fair has certainly helped the brand to get an extremely strong foothold in the global e-cigarettes and Hookah market – that is getting exceedingly competitive every alternate day.

Since its introduction in the Tobacco plus Expo, Last Vegas, and in Frankfurt Tobacco fair, Shisha2Go has become the highest selling e-cig brand in both the continents and the XEO Cigs has already introduced a couple of new and sensational flavors like Lovely Grape or Strawberry Mint for exceptional smoking experiences. As XEO Cigs has always worked on a concept of no secondhand smoke and no tobacco, Shisha2Go simply offers the best smoking experiences with no harmful effects on health. With these e-cigs, you are certainly no more restricted and simply can smoke anywhere and anytime you feel for it. Made with the best German standard ingredients Shisha2Go e-cigs can truly offer you wonderful smoking moments and with the range and variety available – you are certainly on for a treat choosing and trying out any one from the steadily increasing list of available flavors.


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