Your Guide on Electronic Hookah

Why use traditional Shisha when a perfectly good alternative is lying underneath your nose? While most people are aware of the presence of Electronic cigarettes, most fall from the sky when asked about the e-Shisha stick or pen. A relatively new addition in the world of vaping, e-Shisha is opening up the world for those who want to remain safe without giving up their indulgence of the Hookah! Do you know what E-Hookah is? How do you use it? Why is it a better option to the regular water pipe that you smoke? Read on to find out NOW!

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In appearance, E-Hookah seems to be larger and more colourful brethren of electronic cigarettes. Its size is similar to a sharp marker though slightly thicker. What is the feeling you get when you smoke it? There is not much difference and it would seem as if you are smoking the original, instead of some new version.


A standard variety of E-Hookah comes with battery inside along with a heating atomizer device, and e-liquid fluid responsible for flavour and smoke. The beauty of this device is that you do not need to turn it on and it works similar to the regular cigarettes. As you, begin the inhalation process the e-liquid heats up with the help of the atomizer, emanating vapour for breathing in.


The four ingredients present in e-liquid are the following.

  • Water
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Fruit Flavour
  • Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are non-toxic organic products considered safe though no tests have been conducted in this regard. Flavouring contains all natural herbs.

Flavour Choices

One of the fantastic aspects of opting for E-Hookah is that you do not need to compromise regarding your favourite flavour related to traditional Shisha. Choices of course depend on manufacturers however, E-Hookah carry the popular flavours for your buying ease. It is important to remember that while flavours are interchangeable in the reusable devices disposable varieties come with a single flavour choice for obvious reasons.

Health Effects

Being a comparatively new product, nothing can be said regarding its long-term effects on individual health but compared to traditional Shisha the ingredients seem safer. Thus, it seems as the better choice compared to regular Shisha smoke.

Addictive Properties

Although the majority among disposable varieties are nicotine free, some variations do contain the compound. In reusable version is plenty of flavour choices are there. Nicotine levels in them are varying between 6 mg and 18 mg. Resultantly, one cannot rule out the possibility of even severe addiction.


Starter kits containing battery charger and reusable E-Hookah is available for £20 and you can purchase extra flavours for £4. Accessories offering additional flavours and smoke signify another £4 out of your pocket.

Where to Find

Do a Google search to take your pick from both online and traditional retail stores.

Are you looking for a cheap, safe, and stylish alternative to traditional Shisha smoke? Why don’t you switch to an e-hookah pen?


Health Impacts of Hookah Smoking

Everybody knows that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and so is smoking Shisha! The figures regarding this are alarming to say the least. In the U.S. alone 1 out of every 5 persons die due to smoking related causes. Again, the death rate attributed to smoking is a staggering 440,000 people per year. People smoke in a wide variety of manners and one of the popular devices used is of course the traditional hookah!


There are other problems associated with this favourite smoking habit as well. Studies show that the hookah pipe shared by various people helps in the transmission of deadly bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. You may suffer from hepatitis A, one of the fallouts of such transmissions.

What are the various diseases you can suffer from by continuing with your hookah addiction?


As everybody knows smokers are at higher risk to get cancer compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Some of the common afflictions include throat, mouth, and lung cancer. Mouth cancer mostly afflicts lips and tongue. 90% of all lung cancer patients are smokers with only 0.5% of non-smokers being detected with the disease. 88% of people suffering from cancer in India seem to be hookah users even if they quitted later. Studies show that when it comes to disease causing, both cigarettes and hookah are similar culprits.

Chronic Bronchitis

Fits of coughing with profuse mucous production occurs when you suffer from chronic bronchitis. You are suffering continues for at least 3 months. Studies have found that smoking is the main culprit for such occurrence and approximately 80% of people suffering from this disease are smokers. Of every 20 smokers, 90% show emphysema after death, which is not the case with non-smokers.


This is a disease of the airways and it is progressive in variety. The patient gradually loses his/her lung functioning and it becomes an irreversible process. While treatments are available, that can improve your condition there is little to do the damage caused over time. Symptoms include morning headache, breathing difficulty, fatigue, weight loss, and breathe tightness. 120,000+ Americans die of emphysema every year and this is the fourth largest reason behind mortality in US.

Cardiovascular diseases

Shisha smokers show a high propensity for heart diseases and it proves to be a serious health threat for them. Intake of carbon mono oxide via hookah is quite substantial with second hand smoke a big reason to worry. After all, enjoyment generally occurs in a group setting with multiple people using the same water pipe for smoking.

Ideally, one should completely stay away from Shisha indulgence especially in view of the life-threatening diseases it may cause. Why place your life on the line for a fleeting ple,

Switch to eShisha, A Better Alternative to Hookah Smoking!!


Electronic Shisha in Sunny Peach Review

Video Translation :

Today came to my hookah To Go by mail since I read about this on the internet and it was imperative to test.

Evaluation criteria:

– Shipping

– Taste

– optics

– Handling

– How long does the shisha ?


I bought the hookah on Tuesday afternoon and came to this . So the delivery is very fast . However, I have already received an e- hookah by post from XEO Tuesday . Then I opened the package and from a hookah , have 2 gekaft , the original seal was damaged , so open. And 3.80 EUR for shipping is well . Just OK. But otherwise everything was perfect !


Well, after I was a bit upset about the seal I have opened and tested the hookah out of its packaging. After 10 seconds, about the hookah was ready . The Sunny Peach flavor was just awesome. Tastes like an iced tea ! And when you exhale the smoke taste all delicious iced tea to the room / office ! However, I would assume that this e- hookah something tastes like cigarette smoke which was the case in any way. Everything tastes fresh and delicious. I ‘ve also ordered more yesterday Sunny Peach . Furthermore, I want to Sweet Red Apple and Wild Blueberry taste . Will also make a small review. Smoke does not scratch in the lungs, which I think is very good!

Taste is very real and most of all very good.


So the look ! So just the look I think is great ! Looks very nice and you can tell that this has something oriental hookah . Well , hookahs come from the Oriental region .

However, the processing is slightly worse . Easily prone to scratches, but this does not bother prop . I particularly love the mouthpiece as it fits very well and feels really good. The entire Shisha To Go looks like a tail of a hookah hose hookah smoking what makes it even more beautiful.


The shisha is very good in the hand and also very light. As already mentioned above, the mouthpiece is very good and it shapes itself to every mouth.


On the package is advertised with 600 trains feasible , but this is not feasible. Normal pulling on a hookah until the lungs are full . When Shisha To Go can do this as well , but then it creates then not 600 trains . ‘ve Asked around on # XEO and these have declared like this:

” Short to trains : here are 600 ” . (!) . . Standard puffs ” described by standard U.S. cigarette industry this means every 20 seconds, a 2 second long train this with the strength of a cigarette train when every 5 seconds repeatedly is successively drawn at the hookah heats the evaporator , and even , unfortunately on the Liquid . This means that the train number can be greatly reduced. way, the train number reduced when taken in ” shisha puffs ” is (as long drag off to the Chrystal -tip flashes). to have a standardized value as a basis , we use the standards of the U.S. tobacco industry. ”

Pulling on a hookah so very long and you enjoy it , but if you only 2 seconds every 20 seconds to create the executive 600 trains makes it not fun anymore . Since you can immediately switch to an e- cigarette. But otherwise , I’ve done about 150 trains , but have also taken a very long time and it was fun .


I award a maximum of 5 stars. ( 5 star rating: 0 stars VERY VERY GOOD & BAD )

Maximum Star / achieved star

– Shipping : ***** / ****

– Taste : ***** / *****

– Appearance: ***** / *****

– Handling: ***** / *****

– How long does the shisha ? : ***** / ***