Smoking eShisha Vs Hookah

eShisha Vs Shisha-Info

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XEO eShisha for an Ideal Vaping Experience

Have you heard of eShisha? These portable electronic Shisha devices allow you to enjoy your favourite flavours anywhere, anytime. Today, these sticks have become a craze with celebrities and VIPs all over the world. These devices signify the next big step after e-cigs. eShisha contains no tobacco and there are 4 different fruity flavours to choose from. Compared to your regular tobacco smoke it is a healthy option that poses no known health hazards. Besides the absence of nicotine, there is also no carbon monoxide generated and no tar.


Since there is no smoke, passive inhalation does not occur and you can go for eShisha at public places without problems and any legal issues. A single eShisha gives you a sensation similar to smoking 20 traditional cigarettes! It feels like your regular tobacco or Shisha, but minus any side effects since there are no chemicals present. The vapors that emanate from the devise dissipate instantly leaving behind no odor or fog.

Those who are looking for an ideal vaping experience stronger than e-cigarettes can opt for XEO eShisha. The smooth vapour offers a satisfying sensation and it comes cheaper than your regular tobacco smoke. Here you can have 500 or even more puffs that equals to a 20 cigarette packet! There is never any compulsion to finish off and you can stop vaping whenever you feel like. After all, you do not need to wait as with traditional tobacco smoke for the stick to burn completely. It allows flexible use, inconceivable with your regular cigarettes.

There are no legal restrictions or any limitations on the use of eShisha. It mostly depends on the discretion of the users. The best thing about vaping is that it is a completely eco-friendly endeavor, allowing you to indulge anywhere, any time. Moreover, you can easily discard after using these disposable sticks. These eShisha come with an LED display that lights up when you start puffing the device mimicking the lighted tip of regular cigarettes.

Vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol forms the core of these eShisha and XEO International Ltd makes different flavors ranging from sweet red Apple, Wild Blueberry, Sunny Peach and Honeydew Melon. These are operated with batteries that heats off this liquid, emanating vapors similar to cigarette smoke. While no known side effects are available, it is only for user’s age above 18. Anybody above this age limit can use it without restrictions, still some exclusion are there. This product is not for lactating and pregnant women or pets. Further, if you are allergic to nicotine-based products or have an underlying medical condition it is better to stay away from its use. Ideally, take your doctor’s advice before opting for eShisha and enjoy it to the dregs.


Defense for E-Cigarettes Gains Momentum Prior to European Parliament Vote

As the European parliament is all settled to vote on the 8th of October this year to regulate and consider e-cigs as medical products, efforts to defend them against the regulation is also gathering momentum. A demonstration in Strasbourg is also scheduled to take place before the vote and according to Brice Lepoutre, Independent Association of Electronic-Cigarette Users president this is just the beginning of the revolution against tobacco consumption in all over the world.



This has been a proven fact that the number of smokers is declining, as more and more people are opting for vaping in the world. An estimated number of 7 million people are currently using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional nicotine smoking exclusively in Europe. The sales of e-cigarettes in the U.S. are expected to rise at least three times by the end of the current financial year. Bonnie Herzog of the Wells Fargo Bank thinks that the currently available figures suggest that it will not take more than a decade for e-cigarettes to overtake ordinary tobacco cigarette sells if only allowed by the regulating authorities.

As more studies are being conducted on these products, e-cigs are certainly coming up as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and they are also found to be pretty good in helping people to quit smoking. They are also better accepted by the nicotine gums and patches. They are mostly sold as leisure products and are generally covered by quality and safety standards. But everything is still not well under control and that certainly makes the regulators feel uneasy. There is certainly the need of maintaining a global safety standard. Obviously there is little parity about labeling and quality and there are a few other factors too that people required being concerned and careful about.

There is one worry that e-cigs can attract individuals who might otherwise have avoided nicotine consumption. E-cigarettes are certainly less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes but they too are addictive and that cannot be denied. Another thing that worries the regulating authorities is the fear that e-cigs might actually encourage people to smoke in places where smoking is prohibited. There is also a possibility that e-cigs can also re-glamorize smoking which is certainly losing in popularity due to well designed campaigns, tax increase and prohibiting restrictions.

One of the most important things required to be done is bring in strict product manufacturing standards. E-cigarettes are smoking cessation products but as they are not considered as medical products e-cig manufacturers are not required to seek prior approval for maintaining desired pharmaceutical quality standard. These things should also never be sold to children under a particular age and the quality control criteria should also be strengthened if the desired results are to be achieved.