New Claims Strive To Bust E-Cig Benefits-Proponents Beg To Differ

Recent claims by control practitioners strive to do away with the beneficial effects of e cigarettes! They feel that there is no evidence available that support the views placed by proponents of vaping and that these digital products are as safe as your regular tobacco. Further, such practitioners claim that there is nothing substantial to prove that switching to e-cigs can help a smoker to quit for good.

People who are helping smokers to kick the habit are still skeptical about the so-called benefits of electronic smokes. As such, they find it hard to prescribe recommended it to those who are struggling to give up smoking. They believe that nicotine gum or even counseling against the tobacco habit offer a better chance of success compared to e-smoke.

On the other end of the spectrum are the countless surveys and researches that have gone on to prove that e-cigarettes do work, at least for some smokers, if not all! It has helped people give up smoking and lead tobacco free live for some time now. Evidence of this is available in innumerable testimonials and published surveys related to ex-smokers. While there is no fixed data available on the percentage of smokers who have quit, because of the digital alternative, a success rate does exist.

The second group believes that the slander against e cigarettes is simply a strategy developed by cigarette companies to stay viable. They want to protect the sales and for this are ready to turn a blind eye to the clear testimonials and survey results that show the associated benefits of electronic medium. As far as the harmful effects of e-cigs are concerned, there is plenty of scientific evidence present to the contrary.

Clinical, toxicological, and laboratory trials have shown clearly that the detrimental effects of e cigarettes are nothing compared to the highly toxic tobacco counterparts. While nothing can be said about the absolute safety levels of these electronic products. It is surely negligible compared to the fallouts associated with regular tobacco smoke. Those who are for the electronic option consider the claims made by control practitioners of tobacco baseless and completely untruthful.

Proponents of electronic cigarettes are ready to protest vehemently the undermining claims made by anti-is cigarette group, they believe are deliberately misleading the public. The ultimate gainer in such a scenario is going to be the tobacco companies who are trying everything to avert the threat posed by these healthier options. They believe that just because advocates of tobacco control are making such claims, the assertion does not become any more truthful if made by tobacco companies instead.

Ultimately, however, the truth must prevail and proponents of e cigarettes are waiting for that day when irrefutable claims can be made regarding the beneficial effects of vaping!


E-Cigs Own Paltry Market Share, Reports Morgan Stanley Analyst

As per a recent published Business Insider article by David Adelman, a Morgan Stanley Analyst, alleges that inspite of their universal awareness and over 50% of smokers already giving it a try, so far the electronic cigarettes have been able to capture only about 1% of the total cigarette industry volume in the U.S. The primary reason behind Adelman’s findings is the inability of electronic cigarettes to satisfy the expectations of the consumers. The global awareness and trial by smokers, that e-cigs has achieved within a few years is truly remarkable, but the high rate of trial and rejection is identified by Adelman as the reason behind the failure of the product to capture more, as it was earlier thought to be.

In his article, Adelman finds a higher rate of trial and rejection not surprising. Most e-cigarettes that have been given a try by regular and committed smokers are either cheap or substandard. The product is hardly capable of providing a satisfying smoking experience, that can result in a transition, and it is absolutely no wonder that they are rejected after a single trial. Though Adelman finds out the reason of rejection, but he doesn’t deal with any particular or specific shortcoming that can prevent a transition except for the issue of battery life.

Though there are many market analysts with a view that in the next 10yrs, e-cigarettes can very well surpass the conventional cigarette industry, but Adelman seems to be a little less enthusiastic about its future. For him, electronic cigarettes no doubt have the potential, but it will still need a lot more time to achieve the desired results. He found that electronic cigarettes are certainly bringing down the gigantic numbers of conventional cigarette smokers, but the margin is just nominal or even negligible. There is little doubt that consumers are interested in e-cig, but at the same time, the cheap and affordable products that are currently available are far from being satisfactory. However, it is not only the quality that Adelman has found is lacking. The current generation of e-cigarettes also don’t meet the expectations of their performance, branding, and their familiarity perspective.

Though Adelman has not gone through the causes of rejection apart from the battery life, but his article offers a good insight in the industry and also its requirements. With improvements made in certain departments better days can surely be expected ahead for e-cigs, in years to come. Smokers can truly expect some satisfactory alternatives to their smoking addiction of traditional tobacco cigarette.

Target a ‘Niche’ Customer Segment for E-Cigarettes to Grow Your Business

It might have not hit your mind yet, but the strategy to innovate and target a ‘niche’ customer group is the buzzword for success in the world of e-cigarette business. After the news of a Tennessee-based jail offering electronic cigarettes to its inmates spread like ceasefire, more and more e-cig manufacturers are focusing on how to innovate and make their product more appealing to an ‘alternative’ customer group for e-cigarettes. Not just the prisoners, but the idea has invigorated the concept of designing new e-cigarettes that target a completely different set of customers.


As e-cigarettes are gaining immense popularity, it might find a way to Hollywood, where film makers might portray them in movies. However, this might require the product to be more upscale, modern, and precisely what people wish to see or something that will sell well. So, if you can reinvent your product to make it more appealing and realistic to the mass, and of course, to the filmmakers, it will serve as a powerful platform for free advertising. You might think about re-designing or improving the mechanics to provide a feel of real smoke that will look wonderful on-screen. By targeting your e-cigarette brand in Hollywood, you can earn a dramatic impression and visibility, provided it hits the mind of customers who are keen for looks than experience.

Gaining prominence in the combustible work environment

One of the most prominent ‘niche’ customer categories for electronic cigarettes includes people who work in highly flammable and combustible work environment. Smoking in such places is prohibited, and it goes without saying that they would look for a better alternative that standard cigarettes. Hence, you have a fantastic opportunity to target this segment with newly designed e-cigs that are typically enclosed with a static retardant casing and comes with more fail safes. This will appeal significantly to the niche customer segment, enhancing the demand and visibility of your product.

Targeting people with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenics demonstrate a higher smoking rate and the conventional rehabilitation techniques can be dangerous for people with such mental health issues. Not only it takes a toll on their physical and mental chemistry but also creates a conflict within themselves that can be devastating. Fortunately, e-cigarettes have proved to be quite successful with schizophrenics without any significant side effects. If you wish to target this growing market for electronic cigarettes, it is important to create a product with only nicotine and no other pharmaceutical issues on the person. This might also cause you to attract other set of ‘niche’ customers such as patients with Alzheimer or Parkinson.

With electronic cigarettes and its impeccable health benefits, you have the opportunity to unleash umpteen possibilities of targeting your brand to a ‘niche’ segment in a unique and compelling manner.

British American Tobacco, Largest Tobacco Company in Europe Makes a Foray into the E-Cigarette World

With the popularity of e-cigarettes increasing every day, it is no wonder that even the established tobacco companies are eyeing this ever-growing market. The latest company to realize the profit-making potential of these electronic devices is one of the best-known names in Europe. Its interest in the world of E-cigarettes is surely going to give a boost to both the makers and users of these simulated versions. Presently, the tobacco giant has only launched the disposable varieties but plan to expand their offerings in the coming times.

Online marketing of this disposable electronic device is in the offing and in the near future, the makers are hoping to make the product available in various retail stores. The buyers no longer have to search for it because the manufacturers want to make this disposable cigarette easily available to anybody who is interested. Marketing this newly launched product, is not going to be difficult because the company already has an established customer base waiting. People, who have used their traditional tobacco products until now, get a chance to try something new and interesting.

Based on the reception of the disposable format, the tobacco company wants to launch their rechargeable version soon. This initiation of cigarette makers is a natural progression towards harm reduction involving this addictive product.  Prices of the product are reasonable owing to its being a disposable variety as well as being a new industry entry from an established tobacco maker.

In keeping with the current rage in the world of electronic cigarettes, the latest disposable variety from the tobacco giants offers the feel and appearance closest to the real thing. This is a compact and light product, which offers ease of carrying around anywhere, any time to enjoy a good smoke. Futuristic design and ease of use makes this an appealing and in all respects and manufacturers are hoping to make a statement with this introduction. Those who are looking for a good simulation of the original in the disposable form can rejoice in the efforts the makers have put into its development.

As more and more cigarette companies start making forays into the world of electronic fag, the competition is going to increase in the coming times. While only the best and most innovative manufacturers are going to survive, the real benefit lies for the buyers. They can, not only select from an expansive range of products, but also get bargain prices for the best items.

Still, the latest endeavor from an erstwhile exclusively tobacco product maker is working as a boost for the electronic cigarette industry. With the best tobacco company in Europe showing the way, others are sure to follow suit sooner than later! For now, however, there is nothing to do except wait and watch!

The Success of E-Cigarettes: From a Financial Expert’s Eyes

E-cigarettes have undoubtedly gained a strong foothold in the market, with ever-increasing demand and growing awareness, but the question arises – are the e-cigarette companies growing likewise? The secret to success in the electronic cigarette market is not merely investing billions of dollars. Financial experts are stressing more on staying ahead of the competition. And how is it possible? Of course, with innovation, product development as per changing consumer behavior and trend, as well as exemplifying a well-defined brand!!


Innovate or Perish!! 

In a scenario where a host of new tobacco companies is penetrating into the e-cigarette market, the product range has somewhat become diluted and customers now have an unbelievably exotic selection. Large companies may be investing millions of dollars in manufacturing electronic cigarettes and marketing the same, extensively across diverse platforms, but where is the edge? Every e-cigarette company comes with a product that offers somewhat similar features and benefits, flavors, and prices. So, why should consumers buy your product rather than that of your competitor?

Where the electronic cigarette market is witnessing significant boom and rapid growth in demand, it is important for a brand to be innovative and unique, or perish away at the face of stiff competition. Standing ahead of the crowd always helps in grabbing the attention of the public, and there lies the secret behind the success of electronic cigarettes. Moreover, as the industry is getting somewhat diluted with a startlingly vast selection of similar products, the market demands innovation and uniqueness. If manufacturers are unable to provide a value for money, the e-cigarette market will also get extinct in the face of tobacco cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes are Here to Stay!!! 

Undoubtedly, it is here to stay and further expand its reach. It is not a mere fad for upstarts who love experimenting; e-cigarettes come with a broader concept of health benefits over smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes, which are a cause of numerous health diseases and even death. However, the market demands expansion and innovativeness. Hence, extensive marketing complemented with quality products that are a result of excellent research and development will help in attracting new customers and retaining them. At the same time, improved knowledge and vast exposure of electronic cigarettes is required, coupled with high-quality products, to consistently increase its sales and use for a good cause of good health and well being.

No wonder, e-cigarettes are here to stay and have already created a tremendous buzz in the market. Catering to increasing demand, it is important for the manufacturers to not only provide superior quality products but also incorporate some innovativeness to appeal best to the consumers. Uniqueness, vast exposure, excellent quality, and intelligent marketing are considering the key mantra to drive success for electronic cigarette market today.