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Reveal the Truth: E-cigarette VS Tobacco Cigarettes

The e-cigarette Infographic which provides complete info on e-cigarette, from its definition to the difference it offers to the smoker. If you are thinking what makes e-cigarette superior than traditional tobacco cigarettes, this is the Infograph you should have a look closely. Along with visualizing the great benefits of e-cigarette, it also comprises of the statement made by AAPHP in favor of e-cigarette and quick facts revealed through various studies and research conducted on e-cigarettes.

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E-cigarette Vs Tobacco Cigarettes: Dig Deeper

Another great infographic on e-cigarette, illustrating the difference, not in terms of advantages, but in terms of manufacturing process and raw material used. If you wonder how e-cigarette is best alternative to tobacco cigarettes, it will visualize the entire manufacturing process and educate you about the different components and raw material used in cigarettes and e-cigarette. An e-cigarette infographic for curious users.


E-cigarette Brand Infographic : XEO CIGS

Often it is hard to design an infographic which provides equal importance to brand promotion and knowledge contribution which is beneficial to viewers in different aspects of the product being featured. Below infographic is the perfect combination of it, designed with keep in mind the purpose of  education as well as brand promotion.

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EU Overrules Legal Committee Advice, Labels E-Cigarette Medicine

In a move that comes as a blow to e-cigarette campaigners, the EU today declared that electronic cigarettes are a medicine and henceforth should abide by regulations due to its new status. The decision came from Tobacco Product Directive committee, in Brussels, recently. This is a big disappointment since the personal legal aid of the committee suggested otherwise prior to this declaration. The recent amendment classifies electronic cigarettes in the European Union as having medicinal properties. However, this is not the final word on the matter because there are divided opinions and the recent amendment needs to go through few committees. After this, the final vote takes place in October, which will decide the fate of this life-saving device for the times to come.

Legal committee associated with EU decision initially declared such a move illegal. Yet the decision-making body went ahead to seal the fate of this revolutionary product, while giving a nod to free sale of the original tobacco avatar. Recent studies have shown that by switching to e-cigs it is possible to save life of over 5 million Britons in the coming times. Tobacco is the killer and the only way to curb the associated damage is providing a healthier option as afforded by automated cigarette varieties.

This recent EU decision is going to complicate matters for electronic cigarette manufacturers in the coming times. Presently, technological innovations that allow compliance to medical regulations do not exist. Examples are available of companies trying their best to get such compliance. Take the case of one manufacturer that spent millions and over 2 years to make it happen. Even if compliance is possible, it will relate only to the disposable varieties. Further companies will require a separate license for each individual flavor associated with their e-cigarette brands.

An estimated cost of each license is over £ 1 million with annual renewal requirements in place. Compared to complications associated with the electronic variety, the tobacco counterparts are all set to continue with their brisk business with a related tax filing of government coffers. Studies show that 1/3 to half of all the smokers perish but the government is ignoring this overwhelming issue by rejecting the healthy alternative.

Not everyone is happy with the decision and campaigners for electronic cigarettes are going to continue with their debate and turn public opinion in their favor. Sir Francis Jacob, former AG related to European Justice Court declared this verdict by E.U., “unreasonable measure”, which is going to face an annulment anytime soon. He cites the reason that this decision falls contrary to nondiscrimination and proportionality principles and as such, liable to be rejected.

With so much controversy surrounding this EU decision, one has not listened to the last word on this debate as yet. The fight continues!

E-cigarette Saving Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much you can save switching to e-cigarette? Behind many reasons for you to switch to e-cigarette from tobacco cigarettes, cutting out smoking expenditure remained at the top second after health. If yes, you may probably think how much bucks actually you can save with e-cigarette.


To make the things simple, XEO CIGS present you a saving calculator which actually shows how much money you can save switching to e-cigarette in three different time span, daily, monthly and yearly, based on no. of e-cigarette you smoke every day.

It calculates the price based on the average price of tobacco cigarette in Europe and an average capacity of e-cigarette cartridge, or in other words, capacity of vapor production of the quantity of nicotine present in your e-cigarette.

All you need to do is to enter a no. of cigarettes you smoke every day and it will give you daily, monthly and yearly saving statistics on smoking.

It is still in Beta version and soon we will launch full version, allows you to enter the price of cigarette you smoke of a specific brand and price of e-cigarette to provide a more precise amount of smoking.

Try it Now, And Discover Your Saving in Day, Month and Year.

XEO Shisha2Go Now Available in Melon, Blue Berry, Peach and Apple Flavor


Now your Favorite E-hookah from the world’s most powerful e-cigarette XEO CIGS available in four new exciting flavors, Sweet Red Apple, Wild BlueBerry, Sunny Peach and Honeydew melon. Yes, you are right; it’s the same e-hookah which we have launched at the Hookah fair in Germany in sweet red apple flavor.

First XEO Shisha2Go has gained a great success in Tobacco plus Expo, Last Vegas and tobacco fair happened in Europe during the last few months. 1 Million+ E-hookah of XEO CIGS have been sold out just after its first introduction and it was out of stock for a while. Read the Story here.

With growing customer demand and to provide great pleasure of smoking the same E-hookah, made with high quality German standard, we are excited to announce the launch of four new flavors of XEO Shisha2go and hoping that our customers would enjoy the more pleasure with new flavors.

Shisha2go from XEO CIGS is the first e-hookah in the world which provides a great smoking experience without any harm. A concept of No Secondhand Smoke, No Tobacco, No Tar and No Stain is adopted greatly to keep in mind the health of the smoker.

No Boundaries to smoke, Smoke it whenever and wherever you like, at your office, home, workshop, Bar or during the meeting. Let us know how you feel about it.

Get It Now before It Gets Sold Out!!

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