Things You Should Know About E-cigarettes


E-cigarettes News and Updates in 2013

Britain To Regulate E-cigarette Under Medical License 

It is one of the most recent news about e-cigarette industry in the UK. According to the MHRA, Regulating e-cigarette under medical license can make people worry free of its quality and effectiveness and can add one more alternative product for consuming nicotine in a Better way. With this intention, it stated that by 2016, all e-cigarette vendors and other products containing nicotine must acquire a medical license and pass through standard defined by them.

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France to Ban E-cigarette in Public Places

As e-cigarettes are free of tobacco and second hand smoke, till now, public smoking with e-cigarette was allowed before. With this new law, even e-cigarette users are restricted to smoke in public places and other similar restriction are applied on e-cigarette just like traditional tobacco cigarettes with concern to public health and safety.

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Study Comparing E-cigarette Vapor and Cigarette Smoke 

A research on e-cigarette vapor and its negative impact on non smokers have been answered by this survey conducted by scientists in Greece and Italy. According to a press release published in journal Inhalation Toxicology as a result of this research, it is found that e-cigarette vapor is less Cytotoxic compared to that of cigarette smoke.

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The leading E-cigarette Company BLU CIGS acquired by Lorillard

What you call it, A success of Blu cigs or a smart step by leading tobacco manufacturing company Lorillard for its dramatically introduction to the e – cigarette industry. Lorillard is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of tobacco products in US. With its penetration in the e – cigarette industry through blu cigs, it clearly shows that e-cigarette has a huge potential and big tobacco Dady want his share from large ever growing customer base of e-cigarette users.

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Forbes News about E-cigarette industry Growth and Usage – 

A story by forbs introducing e-cigarette as a potential alternative to cigarette smoking, providing insight on economical growth of various big brands and overall industry growth compared to last year and survey that reveals the effectiveness of e-cigarette in people of varied age.

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E-cigarette Circulation Under The Regulation of MHRA in UK

In a recently published article, the United Kingdom Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has stated that henceforth e-cigarettes in the country will be controlled and regulated like medicines. This has been decided with a focus on improving the product, and also to maintain a standard in manufacturing and marketing that is approved by the authority.

MHRA-700x305 (1)

In U.K. alone smoking causes more than 80,000 deaths every year. Once it becomes mandatory to acquire license from the regulatory authority for electronic cigarettes and other related products – they will be recognized as medicines, and will be sold over-the-counter only. This is not at all a very good development for e-cig manufacturing companies producing substandard products. Presently, e-cigarettes are self regulatory to meet the market standards, but once they come under the medical regulation, access to these products will be more restricted, and that seems quite unjustifiable for a number of manufacturers.

But from the user’s point of view this is certainly a good new, as they will no longer need to worry about the product quality they will be purchasing over the counter. Moreover, if you are under age, you will not get your hands on those products. These are certainly going to bring down the sales figures, but in a world that expects around 8 million deaths caused by tobacco consumption by the end of the year 2013, it is a necessary step forward.

Way back in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.A. announced categorizing of electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and bring them under their regulation. As per FDA, at present customers have no way knowing the safety standard of most of these products available in the market, or how much nicotine they will be inhaling by using such products. E-cigs, though can be a very good alternative to traditional tobacco consumption are currently not recommended by either the FDA or the MHRA simply because of the fact they are not regulated to maintain a certain standard.

MHRA considers complete cessation of smoking as a good alternative. But that can be pretty difficult for most regular and habitual smokers. Subsequently, getting the required amounts of nicotine from safer sources is without any doubt a healthier proposition. Until the regulation comes into action, consumers are advised to depend more on nicotine patches and gums to cut down on their daily nicotine consumption.

Both FDA and MHRA aim at bringing the e-cigarettes under their regulation and surveillance and once these devices are classified as therapeutic usage items, situation will be more under their control. Many manufacturers might not be happy with the announcement, but this is certainly a healthy step towards the future.

Zimbabwe Welcomes E-cigarettes with Open Arms

E-Cigarette or the electronic cigarette is just a refined version of the tobacco cigarette. It is also known as the personal vaporizer; a kind of inhaler that is electronic and that vaporizes or converts liquid into an aerosol.

Zimbabwe, a country surrounded by land from all sides – a part of South Africa, is famous for its E-cigarettes. Zimbabwe is the first country in all of South Africa to have its very own company that now provides electronic cigarettes. This company, Vapour Blue, imports electronic cigarettes from the United States of America and sells it in the markets of Zimbabwe.

An electronic cigarette is just the electronic version of the regular cigarette. This comes in many flavors – that of tobacco, camel, Marlboro, Davida and menthol. An electronic cigarette performs a similar action to that of a tobacco cigarette, you get to inhale the ‘smoke’ but no smoke is produced when you do the exhale act. Manufacturers claim that the electronic cigarette isn’t a health hazard than the traditional tobacco cigarette. They say that an electronic cigarette doesn’t produce any tar, or smoke, and doesn’t prove a health deteriorating agent than a traditional cigarette does.

An electronic cigarette has minimal effect on the lungs and the heart, and do not give in to any cardiac dysfunction in the human body. Tested and certified by researchers from all over the world, and its manufacturing country, the United States of America, this product is claimed to be perfectly safe for intake by the people. And when it comes to Zimbabwe, this particular product proved to be a success as more and more people opted for it and ultimately the country had to give in and even a local company chose to be the importer of the electronic cigarette. Thought researchers claim the product is harmless, but its advantages and benefits still remain in the dark.

It’s more like people are opting for it because it produces the least amount of nuisance when it comes to dirt and the smoke. The smoke from traditional cigarettes is clearly harmless and is causing air pollution. But this smokeless product called electronic cigarette is said to have the least effect on the pollution, and so, it is obvious that people are going for it. Second, the product being available in different flavors, the people find their favorite flavor and enjoy it in a smoke and dirt free cigar. Of all the things, this product is popular because the health hazards related to it are not properly known and confirmed. If the researchers find anything disturbing regarding the product, I am sure it’ll be public and mentioned on the pack like that in traditio

Top Controversial Statements on E-cigarettes

Being a direct competitor to tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products, there are certain rumors and myths about e-cigarettes are spread widely on the internet. The only way to discover the truth is “Try it out” method if you are regular smokers. As in the US, 21% of smokers have already proved all these myths and statements wrong, yet, you can discover your own benefits switching to e-cigarettes.


 It Causes Lung Cancers

As per research, 90% of the lung cancers are caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes. The tobacco and other chemicals and Tar present in traditional cigarettes are responsible for lung cancers and it’s true.

When it comes to E-cigarette, only 1-2% of tobacco is used for flavoring purposes. E-cigarettes smokers don’t smoke tobacco at all. Thus, it doesn’t cause lung cancers at all.

It’s Harmful to Your Heart

The person having blood circulation problems or heart disease must avoid e-cigarette or tobacco cigarettes as nicotine present in both impacts on blood circulation.

 So, whether its e-cigarette or traditional one, both have nicotine in their content, harmful to such people. It doesn’t make any difference for those people whatever they smoke. In fact, with e-cigarettes, one can control the nicotine dosage, switching to low variation cartridge, which is not the case with traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes Are Not Effective

It might be a true for the person smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day, if he switched to e-cigarette, for initial time. Heavy smokers must try with 16 MG cartridge of nicotine with classic tobacco flavor to create the same effect as smoking tobacco.

For regular smokers, switching to e-cigarettes will bring better health and will be proven as a better smoking alternative. Even if the government has restricted to promote it as “Smoking Cessation Aid”, it has been proven more effective as other NRT products.

It is Dangerous for Your Mouth

One incident on past doesn’t make all products to accept blame as “Dangerous”. It is true that there are certain low quality brands selling their e-cigarettes at cheaper rates with low quality components and standard. With ECA and other FDA standard, now each and every e-cigarette company will have to follow strict manufacturing guideline for selling their e-cigarettes, which will ensure its complete safety.

 One also needs to be careful playing with e-cigarette components; you must not switch the cartridge or battery of two different brands or make custom modification for increasing the productivity of the vapor.

It is intentionally promoted to target adults

Whether you want to buy e-cigarettes online or from a retail store, identification has become must to sale e-cigarettes to people under 18. In the US, 1 among 5 adults smokes cigarettes, which is already a very bad statistic for adults.  

A higher ratio of trying e-cigarettes have been observed among adults who already smoke tobacco cigarettes and in another way, it is good as they have been switching to less harmful alternative compared to tobacco cigarettes.

It contains Dangerous carcinogenic as Traditional Cigarettes

The level of carcinogens found in e-cigarettes is similar to that of present in NRT products which are already approved by FDA as Smoking Cessation. To create the same smoking sensation as tobacco cigarettes, it is necessary to include certain ingredients, similar to cigarettes but less harmful.

Whether its e-cigarette or any gum or patches, they all will have contain of nicotine and other ingredients to prove to be effective as cigarettes.

So, the level present in e-cigarettes isn’t dangerous at all!!

It Is More Addictive

There are hundreds of examples who switch to e-cigarettes and quit, which wasn’t possible trying with other products before.

Other than this, if you have a two choice, one is very harmful and another is less harmful, one should probably go with less harmful as it takes time to change the old habit, but better alternative can be chosen without quitting your smoking habit.

So, it depends on the habit of the person, not on the specific product. The Decision upon addiction relies on the person, how he is addicted to specific one, but selection of product is in his hand.

It Costs You More than Tobacco Cigarettes

This is something which you must try on your own instead of viewing reviews of other people. A tax on tobacco is being increased every year and it won’t fall down, which makes tobacco cigarettes more costly.

With e-cigarettes, as the liquid can be produced artificially, it costs half than the packet of tobacco cigarettes. Means, double saving on your smoking expenditure!!

E-cigarettes are No Longer Allowed to Smoke in Public Places in France

As Per the news, Marisol Touraine, the health minister of France announced that now similar rules for smoking in public of traditional cigarettes will be imposed on E-cigarettes as well. Adding that there is not any proof or reliable research has been conducted on e-cigarette that gives guaranty on the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes, considering the past few bad incidences on e-cigarette users.


Last years, no. of e-cigarette users in France reached to around 500,000 and in the United State, It reached to 21% which was almost double than the previous year. A growing customer base of E-cigarette and circulation of E-cigarette has increased extreme attention of health ministers of various countries where there is a continuous growth is seen in the use of E-cigarettes.

The Reason It Was Allowed before?

The main reason behind ban on public smoking on traditional tobacco cigarettes were the second hand smoke. As per research, second hand smoke of traditional cigarettes contains lots of harmful ingredients and in the US, each year more than 50,000 deaths caused by secondhand smoke. So, the non smoker, exposed to secondhand smoke can also be a victim of diseases caused by actual smoking of cigarettes.

The Scenario with E-cigarettes:

As E-cigarettes are battery operated device which produces a vapor from liquid nicotine present in e-cigarette cartridge, it doesn’t have second hand smoke like traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, tobacco is used in 0.005-0.010 % as a flavoring ingredient only, without any inclusion of harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. As a result, there is no second hand smoke produced smoking e-cigarette. Furthermore, a smoke produced exhaling the e-cigarette is kind of vapor which disappears quickly in an environment without leaving any bad influence in air like real cigarettes.

Still, with growing no. of users smoking e-cigarette and due to not having any proof regarding its safety or effectiveness of saving smoker’s health, it is better to apply same crumb on e-cigarettes as other tobacco products, health minister said.

Future Prospective:

For products like e-cigarettes, along with an impressive marketing campaign that presents the product in well manner & positively, a trust of users is a must for its success. When any person switched to e-cigarette, he must experience the benefits for which he switched to e-cigarettes.

As you can see, e-cigarettes industry is growing at tremendous growth and big tobacco brands are also taking keen interest in e-cigarette, either as a competitor of the tobacco industry or as a new opportunity for revenue generation. A success of e-cigarettes it self shows a huge acceptance of the product as “Better Smoking Alternative”.

So, as per our survey, e-cigarette user statistics and industry growth, sooner or later people and government would realize the benefits one can gain through e-cigarettes as a better smoking alternative and it will be accepted globally and would get considered as an individual product, than in range of tobacco products.