Things You Should Know Before Purchasing E-Cigarette Liquid



Whether you are new to e-cigarette smoking or have been using it for a duration of time to get rid of your habit of tobacco smoking, you must have realized that the liquid is one of the most important components of these products, as without the liquid it is simply useless. Finding the liquid for these electronic smoking devices is easy, and usually a few cartridges come free with the device. You can also get a few extra cartridges to enrich your stock and enhance your  smoking experience, as this liquid is available in an assorted range of flavors. Not all nicotine that is available in the market, are the same, Thus, as a customer you are required to have a considerable amount of information about them.

Some liquids presently available in the market are manufactured from high quality ingredients, but this is not true for all brands, and many of the inexpensive varieties are actually derived from poor base ingredients and can have an adverse effect on your health. In order to purchase the superior quality of nicotine liquids, customers must weigh several different factors.

It is the liquid in these electronic smoking devices that is responsible for providing the users with the required nicotine. According to the requirement of the customers liquids with various levels of nicotine content are available. The nicotine carried by the liquid actually vaporizes during the smoking process. Thus, choosing the right strength, at par with your requirements is important. If you are a heavy smoker who has just recently switched to smoking the electronic version, the high and extra high strength liquids will be the right choice. Later you can reduce the strength gradually to make your body familiar and accustomed, with lesser consumption, and ultimately get rid of your smoking habit.

The different flavors in which these liquids are available is another factor to consider along with the standard filter tobacco flavor and the menthol flavor, a number of other exotic flavors like cherry, vanilla, coffee, and a number of mixed flavors are also available. You can always try out those products for a change and you will be certainly enjoying that.

The quality of the liquid is the most important factor, while purchasing nicotine liquid for your ecigarette. Thus, you must only purchase those products that are produced from safe and harmless ingredients. The substance that is used for producing the vapor from the liquid is propylene glycol, but you also have the option of choosing e-liquid made from natural vegetables which is preferred by many against the liquids containing synthetic glycerin. So, now that you are aware of the e-cig ingredients, so take  your pick too a healthy smoke, today! 


E-Cigarettes Reflect Higher Conversion Rate Than Other Tobacco Alternatives

The Journal of Environmental and Public Health has recently published an article to reveal that in the USA use of electronic cigarettes is still pretty low compared to the other tobacco products that are also available in the country. Out of more than 3000 respondents who were interacted wth, during a recently conducted survey, only 1.8% was found to have tried their hands on e-cigs; while the percentage of people who have used waterpipe or sans is much higher, being 8.8% and 5.1% respectively.

The survey also found electronic cigarettes as the least popular among non-smokers and that is only 0.3% of the total number of non-smokers who participated in the survey, and this too is far less than the sans or the waterpipe.  Dissolvable nicotine products which are also widely available in the market were also considered under the category of electronic cigarettes and among the total respondents only 0.6% were found to have tried this.

Among all the samples that were taken during the survey less than 1% of the respondents were found to have tried the emerging tobacco products that are available in the market. But here is a very interesting detail that deserves our attention. A staggering 19.7% of these 1% respondents is e-cig users and this is considerably higher than sans or waterpipe users the percentages for which are only 14.4% and 11.4% respectively. This can easily be considered as a fair indication of the fact that the electronic cigarettes more capable and also successful in converting one time users to frequent and regular users.

Though this might create a negative impression about electronic cigarettes as ensnaring and addictive for the users, nonetheless you must also consider the fact that close to 99.7% of people who have tried the e-cigs are either current or ex-smokers and the conversion rate for these products is certainly a lot better than the other tobacco alternatives that are presently available.

All results produced by the survey leads to one very significant conclusion and that is till now they are the most successful cigarette cessation methods and with this high conversion rate they are certainly showing promise for staying on trend for a long time to come. With the recent innovations made in the field, better marketing and products being available far more easily, electronic cigarettes are certainly promising to be the best alternative for smoking. With their more conversion rate they are certainly going to make the younger generation addicted to this nicotine free mode of smoking and avoid the killing effects that consumption of tobacco can result in human body. That is the thing everyone will like to happen as the journey towards a tobacco free world goes on.

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Shisha2Go E-Cigarette from XEO Cigs : Sales Figure Reaches $1MM Since Inception in January

XEO Cigs, the leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality e-cigarettes and hookah, launched its new product Shisha2Go, now available in Sweet Red Apple flavor. The product was launched on the TPE, Las Vegas in late January, and has successfully bagged a whopping sales figure of 1 million, reported an official from XEO Cigs. The supply will soon reach the customers whose huge demand has emptied the warehouse of the company.


Shisha2Go is yet another innovation from XEO Cigs, a leading manufacturer of world’s most powerful electronic cigarettes. The product is available in a seductive flavor of sweet red apple, which has grabbed the interest of the customers dramatically. It comes with an innovative startup function and has a strong 350 mAh 4.2 V Lithium-Ion battery that gets the e-cigarette going on and on. The authentic Shisha mouthpiece gives the true feeling of a hookah with a trendy “one piece design” in ravishing red. It has an advanced dual air flow sensor with unique steam development of Pro V 7.0 e-cigarette.

The new e-cigarette from XEO Cigs, with 2 ml liquid and original Shisha mouthpiece, provides the true hookah experience. The unique and seductive sweet apple flavor further adds to the demand for the product, claims the manufacturers. Shisha2Go was a great hit in Germany as well, where XEO Cigs introduced the latest electronic cigarette at the Hookah Fair in Frankfurt. “Great design, seductive sweet apple flavor, and a complete hookah experience but without any harmful elements in it is what makes Shisha2Go a great hit all across the world

XEO Cigs introduced its new Shisha2Go e-cigarette at the Hookah Fair, held in Frankfurt, Germany from 27-28th April 2013. It was Europe’s first ever trade fair for tobacco, water pipes, and water pipe supplies and accessories of every type. The fair was a huge success with hundreds of exhibitors from across the world, demonstrating their range of products in water pipes, smoking supplies, different variety of tobacco, hookahs for non-smokers, furnishings for hookah bars and lounges, spare parts and accessories, molasses and humectants. XEO Cigs exhibited Shisha2Go in the range of “hookahs for non-smokers,” which was a huge hit in Germany as well, adding to the sales figure of the product. The trade fair has been a great platform for XEO Cigs to promote its new product and grab the global market in a convenient manner.