A Quick walk through on History and Benefits of E-cigarettes

A History

  • In 1963 the first electronic cigarette pattern was registered by Herbert A Gill. Due to the lack of technology and no awareness of the harmful effects of the tobacco, his invention never took shape.
  • In 2003, a 52 year Chinese pharmacist name Hon Link invented the electronic cigarette, post the death of his father, due to the lung cancer. It inspired him to manufacture a cigarette free of tobacco, and thus e-cig was born.
  • Ruyan was the first company manufacturing the electronic cigarettes in China, and shortly numerous companies began manufacturing and marketing the eco-friendly cigarettes to the Europe and the U.S.
  • In 2010, a detailed research at Boston University School of Public Health concluded: nicotine and other chemical presents in the E Cigarettes are “much safer” than traditional smoke. E Cigs alike other nicotine replacement products may help to quit tobacco smoking.

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • The use of tobacco and other harmful chemicals, usually found in traditional cigarettes are absent in E-cigs, and thus prevent health damages.
  • Being an eco-friendly device, it doesn’t produce second hand smoke, and thus help save thousands of lives each year.
  • The vapors produced by the E-Cig are exclusively water and mist, no tobacco emission or smell. Hence, it gives you the freedom to smoke, anywhere, even in the public.
  • Being water and mist, the vapors from the E-cigarettes does not stink, which keeps people around you happy.
  • E-cigs are powered by a rechargeable battery, which makes it non-flammable and prevents fire damages unlike the traditional cigarette.
  • The battery lasts for the whole day, which gives you the freedom from carrying the lighter or a cigarette box in your pocket. All you need to worry about is to recharge the battery, when needed.
  • You save up to 40% on spending with E -cigarette as compared to the traditional smoke. Since, its water and mist, the E cigs companies do not pay tobacco taxes.
  • As you can choose different percentage of nicotine cartridge, a chain smoker can select a high dose of nicotine, switch to a lower dose, and gradually get smoke free.
  • As it only contains nicotine and other ingredients for flavoring, it prevents teeth problems caused by the tobacco and other 4000 chemicals found in the tobacco cigarettes.

Why E-cigarettes are the Biggest Threat to Tobacco Industry?

As per recent news, a tobacco giant RJ Reynolds jumped into this industry under the brand name of Vuse and started selling their e-cigarette and Lorillard purchased Blu Cigs, one of the leading brand of e-cigarette. So what motivates or forced these tobacco companies to take an interest in e-cigarette? Which already makes billions of money with their tobacco products? Let’s quickly review few possible reasons and important statistics for this.


With the tobacco production, tobacco advertising, tobacco tax, and sales of the tobacco products, billions of dollars are spent annually. The electronic cigarette does not require tobacco, and it indicates that completely switching over to the eco-friendly cigarettes can bring a massive financial loss to the tobacco companies

Tobacco cigarette must pass through the pharmacy standard, as it contains tobacco and extra 4000 chemicals. Subsequently, it makes a good source of income for the pharmaceutical companies. Since, e-cigs do not include the tobacco, the pharmaceutical industry is opposing its circulation.

Despite the growing awareness about the health repercussions due to tobacco, and the millions of dollars invested in the tobacco control program, the global smoking trends are accelerating. All thanks to the cigarettes companies that are spending billions of dollars on advertising, especially in the developing nations. In such a scenario, it is obvious the circulation of E-cigarettes pose a threat to the flourishing business.

Each year the government receives billions of dollars by imposing tax on tobacco. In several states it is the main source of income, circulation of E-cigs can hinder the flow of income for the government. In many countries circulation of e-cigarettes are prohibited where sale of traditional cigarettes is still on. Pontifical issues regarding finance plays big role for approval of e-cigarette in these countries.

Smoking tobacco kills 5.4 million people each year globally, and around 50,000 people die in the U.S. due to the second hand smoke. Tobacco is the main reason behind diseases like lung cancer, kidney cancer, heart diseases, lost productivity, and other breathing related health problem. A massive cash flow is involved in the healthcare and medical sector, E cigarettes can cause huge financial losses to the healthcare industry, making them opponents, too.

As mentioned in our previous presentation “Current State of E-cigarette Industry”, in 2012, revenue of e-cigarette industry accounted between $250-550 Million which was double than that of 2011 and expected to reach $1 Billion in next year.

Smokers have been shown positive approach towards adoption of e-cigarette and higher trial ratio of e-cigarette has been marked among adults who smoke traditional cigarettes as well. Combining all these, industry experts consider E-cigarette as one of the economically growing niches and have potential to reach as similar level to that of traditional cigarettes in next 10-15 years. As the intention of e-cigarette is also considered a social as “Better Smoking Alternative”, it is normal to see the exponential sale of E-cigarette every year.

How E-cigarettes Are made?

Have you ever wondered and wanted to know how e-cigarettes are made? Or what materials are used in manufacturing of electronic cigarettes? If you have chosen e-cigarette as a better smoking alternative, you should also aware of what makes it better alternative and detail insight on the material used.

If you want to know how the concept of e-cigarettes came into the picture and who was the first person invented the pattern of this revolutionary device, read our previous post “History of Electronic Cigarettes”.

The Process:

e-cigarette doesn’t go through the complex manufacturing process like traditional cigarettes, the process is simple and all it takes is assembling of different components of e-cigarette in one device for the final operation.  Before digging deeper for process, let’s quickly go through the material used.

Key Components and Raw Material Used:

Atomizer: Atomizer is the key components in operation of e-cigarettes. Many e-cigarette brands buy atomizer from a third party manufacturer or used to manufacture their own, if they have developed a unique model with different mechanism.

Atomizer has air sensors inside, when someone inhales from one end, atomizer power up the battery which produces heat in chamber and water mist vapor gets generated from liquid nicotine. This is the reason why it doesn’t have second hand smoke like real cigarettes. It operates on electronic power with the help of a battery. Some high quality e-cigarette comes with a dual air sensor which provides more efficient operation. It also connected with the Led tip present on the other hand of e-cigarettes which blew on when you inhale, also indicate the working of e-cigs.

Different companies use different metal, steel and aluminum are pretty popular metal being used by majority of e-cigarette manufacturer.

E-cigarette Liquid:  e-cigarette juice present in e-cigarette cartridge or in some models as chambers which can be refilled again, are made of glycerin or propylene glycol combined with nicotine, which helps in satisfying cravings of the smoker like traditional cigarettes but without the use of tobacco and other chemicals. Other flavoring ingredients are used to produce different flavors of e – cigarette cartridges. The level of nicotine is present in form of milligrams and varies in different contain of 0, 8, 16 and 25 MG.

Many brands produce their own liquid or buys from other manufacturers. Each and every manufacturer has to accomplish nontoxic permission. In the USA, the FDA has set up special guidelines on the content of this liquid that manufacturers have to meet with.

E-cigarette battery:  A Standard 3.9 V of Lithium-Ion battery is used for combustion process. If the intention is of producing more vapors, one needs to increase the voltage of the battery. As more vapors come with the price, as you need to decrease the resistance, increasing the voltage decreases the life of the battery. As per your objectives, one can prefer to use the battery with different combination of voltage and resistance capacity. The battery is rechargeable and can be recharged with wall plug charger, available with USB port.

Technical_WhiteBackground (1)

Selection of the Models:

Latest e-cigarette models are available in two pieces in which battery is combined with atomizer and certain old models are available in three pieces in which you would have individual unit of atomizer, battery and liquid chambers.

As per the selected model, at the end, one needs to assemble all components and packed it brand packing.

Each and every manufacturer needs to follow strict guideline for manufacturing of e-cigarettes initiated by the electronic cigarette association and other health organization in favor of public health. Still, there are brands which don’t follow this guideline and sell e-cigarettes at very cheap price. You must avoid purchasing from such type of brands, a few bucks of saving can cause a lifetime of health problem.

Stacked Mode Battery Vs. Variable Voltage E-Cigs

Electric cigarettes have taken off like anything throughout the last decade. With growing awareness about the harmful effects of smoking, more and more smokers are converting to the less harmful E-cigs. Among all the available E-cigs, there exists an wide array of varieties and options. You can put different liquids, atomizers and cartomizers on the E-Cigs for vastly different flavors and vastly different smoking experience.


A normal E-cigarette runs on 3.7 volt battery. However, on putting different combinations of components on the E-cig, sometimes the smoking experience may be not be as fulfilling to you and leaves you unsatisfied. In some instances, you may feel that the smoking of the E-cig should go up a notch so that the smoke hits the throat. There’s no way to do that with the conventional electronic cigarettes. But the Variable Voltage E-cigs do exactly that. It enables different configurations to achieve vapor production, flavor and throat hit just according to requirements.

You can just regulate the smoke by regulating the power. The vapor can be increased as well as decreased. The primary advantage of variable voltage e-cigs is that they are capable of producing far more vapor than similarly sized small e-cigarette. The key to this increased performance can be found in the technical specification of these E-cigs. While they also use 3.7 volt batteries, they use a 1.5ohm attachment which leads to about 75% increase in available power. With greater power, measured in watts, the variable voltage e-cigs provide more vapor. Many of these also come with a micro-controller[ which is a small computer like device that regulates the battery to ultra precise levels. It also adds as a built in safety apparatus in case the power supply from battery malfunctions.

Another form of E-cigs that also produce more smoke is the stacked mode battery E-cigarette. They are usually tubular in shape and use two 3-volt batteries to achieve doubling of power to 6 volts. This increased muscle is aptly put to use by driving greater amount of vapor from the atomizers and the cartomizers. Though it does offer increased vapor, the primary issues with stacked mode battery variants is the flexibility and the safety. For variable voltage cigarettes can work with any atomizer or cartomizers.

In case they are of lower voltage, the regulator in the variable voltage electronic cigarettes can just be turned down. This is not the scenario for a stacked mode battery cigarette. There is no way to lower the power except manually replacing the two 3 volt batteries with a single 3.7 volt battery. That in itself is a cumbersome process and not convenient at all. In addition to this, the stacked mode battery cigarettes do not have any micro-controller inside them. If the voltage selected is unsafe, the microprocessor in variable voltage cigarette display an error code and shuts down. There is no way to do that for the stacked mode battery cigarettes. Incorrect voltage can damage the atomizers, as well as also lead to a battery explosion in the worst case.