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Will 2013 De-Regularize the Veto on E-Cigarette?

E-Cig has always been one of the most controversial yet widely accepted alternatives to cigarettes. However, in the recent times, a veto was made regularized against the electronic cigarettes. This has generated a lot of steer among the users because it was a great alternative way of smoking for them. The reason behind the regularization was not clear to most of the regular users among common people. A lot of recent studies have shown that the electronic cigarettes can actually be the healthiest way of smoking. This has pushed the politicians to rethink their decision. It can be said that 2013 is indicating de-regularization on the veto on the electronic cigarettes.


Why It Should Be Legalized?

The sound is loud and clear! Studies clearly indicate that e-cigs have nothing that can harm people in the long run. There are many reasons that are pushing people in power to re-think about the veto.

  • Electronic cigarettes are healthier than regular tobacco smoke. There is no harmful tobacco and other substances that can cause health issues like lung cancer. Thus, e-cigarettes are good alternative people have now.
  • The environmental issues are surely to be considered, when people in power are considering about lifting the veto. The regular smoke from cigarettes has harmful ingredients in them, toxic for the environment. The air pollution is just one of the reasons which can be enough to make regular cigarettes illegal. On the other hand, e-cigarette use liquid nicotine to create a vapor. This gives the smokers a feel of smoking, but the vapor is not harmful for the nature. The environment can be protected better with the use of electronic cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes are less costly. Long  term users of the electronic cigarettes can save more than thousands on their expenses each year. This is surely one of the reasons why the regular smokers are looking to change into electronic cigarettes. This veto is for that reason not suitable for the general people
  • The researches on the use of electronic cigarettes are showing that they are best for passive smokers too. Passive smoking is the worst thing that can happen to a non-smoker. He or she can face the health issues caused by other smokers. The electronic cigarette users can make sure that the people surrounding them are not affected by their smoking.

What Are The Chances?

With the pressure from the people who use electronic cigarettes, it can be said that the veto will probably be removed once and for all. The only thing to wait for is to see how the government draws a balance between their responsibilities to both E-Cig and normal cigarette.

Is There an E-Cig Starter Kit For Me?

Those who are wondering, “is there an e-cig starter kit for me?” can take heart from the fact that there are lots of choices available that can add to the joys of electronic cigarette smoking and give a roaring start to the beginners. People who are desperately trying to break away from a lifetime habit of smoking tobacco are going to love the flavor and experience of their simulated versions. However, for those starting out it is difficult to make a head or a tail out of their different components and the starter kit takes care of such problems.

Starter kits, besides providing everything needed to get the device assembled also brings down the overall costs quite significantly. With this product, both consumers and the e-cig manufacturers are happy. The customer gets everything in one place and the manufacturer is able to sell a number of items together in a pack.  An additional benefit for the buyers is that they are sure of getting compatible components that are in accord with each other at one place without searching high and low for different parts. There are some points that one need to consider when going for e-cig starter kit, which can add to the whole experience, provide complete satisfaction and give the full value for money spent.

Those who are starting out on the electronic cigarette scene and making a switch from the deadly original tobacco varieties need to be extra careful when making a choice since this can have a crucial impact on whether or not e-cig clicks for them. Here is how one can find an ideal e cigarette kit that works wonders and helps to develop a healthy habit that sticks.

Components of a starter kit

Save money and make the most of e-cigarettes with a user friendly and cost effective starter kit. Inside this money saving pack, one usually finds USB/wall mount charger, lithium ion battery, and cartridges for providing flavor.

How to find the ideal starter kit that suits perfectly?

In order to help customers make the most of electronic cigarettes and add to their popularity manufacturers nowadays are offering free starter kits, which do not cost any money to use. This is the best way to embark on the world of e cigarettes. It is possible to try out different flavors and find out how much nicotine content is ideal in a specific scenario. Every individual is different and so is their expectation from the electronic variety of cigarettes. Compare the nicotine content between low, medium, and high ranges; along with battery life, which gives ideal enjoyment for longer periods and the ideal flavor that provide complete satisfaction. Price of the starter kits is another factor that can point a person in the right direction.

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With manufacturers, going an extra length to popularize e-cigarettes finding an ideal starter kit, which is just right for a person, is not difficult. All one needs to do is look.