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U.K. Government Realizes E-Cig as Better Alternative to Tobacco

Cigarette Alternative

Skeptics beware! The Even U.K. government admitted recently what proponents of e-cig are harping on repeatedly; these virtual smokes are a healthier alternative to tobacco. Unfortunates who tried every cure to give up smoking and failed miserably can now breathe a sigh of relief. There is help in the form of electronic smoke. It has the capability to fish the chain smokers from the darkness of poisonous fumes and show them a new healthy life. The question may arise that what made the government change its stance in the recent years.

This is not a sudden shift in attitude but rather a gradual changing of the tides. When years of research failed to dig up any dirt or negative effects of e-cigarette there is nothing to do but admit defeat. Then there are the overwhelming positive cases where people have actually benefitted from these vapor smoke sticks. Negative effects of tobacco are something that media, government, medical authorities, and anti-smoking campaigns emphasize continually. However, simply telling the people to stop smoking is a wrong stance. First, there has to be a positive alternative and this is where e-cigarettes prove to be beneficial.

Those who are unable to leave off smoking and were apprehensive regarding using the electronic alternative can try it now especially after the green signal from the U.K. government. One thing is for certain, every revolutionary product brings with it many questions regarding the veracity of what it claims. There is nothing wrong with this. After all, it is never possible to embrace something without knowing about the pros and cons. There have been many times in the past when something new and considered safe ultimately turned out to be a fraud. Therefore, cynicism regarding new product is natural.

This however does not mean that claims should be refuted, as they use logic and scientific base to put their case. Electronic cigarettes use simple technology to provide smokers an alternative to fatal tobacco smoke. There is nothing shady or unclear regarding its mechanism. Smokers can now inhale tobacco-flavored vapors instead of the real thing, still enjoy the process, and find relief without getting addicted. With so many people, dying from lung cancer and other ailments related to tobacco in spite of anti-smoking campaigns it is high time that alternatives get a fair chance.

People who always knew the benefit and health effects of e-cigarette including their capacity to initiate fat burn rejoice in view of U.K. government declaration regarding its positive sides.  This at least ensures a bright future for such simulated versions and one can hope for increased benefits in the coming years with more declared smokers switching to such harmless alternative. Anti smoke campaigners, laud this government step wholeheartedly.

After all, it is better late than never!!

Popular E-cigarette Communities on Google+ to Join

Google Plus is the latest social networking site that has created a serious buzz, recently. With new features like communities, Google Plus today is equally preferred with FaceBook and Twitter. Currently, Google Plus hosts 7 new E-cig communities which are fast gaining popularity with smokers all around the globe. These platforms not only promote a healthier alternative to tobacco smoke, but also educate them, allowing active conversations between users. Contemplating to join a community? Read on to find which suits best your needs.

E-cigarette Communities

Utah Vapers

Created by smokers of Utah, you can join this platform, regardless of your location. This community offers you the opportunity to discuss about electronic cigarettes, and share their views. You can find different brands and new flavors to try.


This Google Plus community is without any doubt one of the best ones out there. This platform is rapidly gaining members, and this is indicative of how much e-cigs have influenced the smokers, today. You learn about the latest developments in e-cigarette, and how you can embark on this new journey, if you are seeking a healthier alternative to smoking or planning to quit smoking.

Vapor Trails

Vapor Trails is the latest talk show in the media, and a community is dedicated  to people who love the show. On this platform you chat about the electronic cigarettes, the show, and the different aspects of it. You can learn a lot about what is going on in the world of the electronic vapors.

Electronic Cigarette Community

If you think that the e-cigarettes  are no match for the real ones, then this is the community to join. This Google Plus community is brimming with varied users of electronic cigarettes. They will help you to understand why these kinds of cigarettes are best for you. You can then safely change your smoking habits.

Vaper’s Circle

As the name suggests, this community is for all the vapers out there. If you have just changed to electric cigarettes, or you have always been a vaper, this is the place for you. You can discuss about the positive aspects of this alternative method. This way, you will end up inspiring thousands of smokers to change to the healthier option.

The VP Live Network

Are you looking for chatting with other electronic cigarette users? If your answer is yes then this community will serve you right. This community is the best place for talking about these cigarettes and issues related to it. You can know more about it and share your experience with others.

Vaping Community

This community is created by vapers for other vapers. The goal of the community is to bring together all of them under one community and share their experience. There is no better way of spreading awareness than people with experience who share their views.

The main purpose of these Google Plus communities is to promote a healthier way of smoking. People, who find it hard to kick the old habit, can always use the electric cigarettes and enjoy their drags, without further rupturing their lungs or the environment.