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E-cigarette : Healthier Smoking Alternative


Historical Events About E-cigarette and Vaping Industry

E-cigarette, the product has always been remained in big issues due to political, financial and health  issues related to tobacco industry. As an E – cigarette is still considered to be a tobacco products, many people have benefited as a tool for quitting smoking due to similarity in the content found in E-cigarette and NRT products. On the other hands, many people found Electronic cigarettes as fascinating, as it doesn’t product second hand smoke and provide same smoking sensation as real cigarette without tobacco. Whatever rumors are in the market, it is sure that it is a far better smoking alternative for cigarette smokers. Let’s have a quick look at all historical news and events on Electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarette Invention  

E-cigarette first invented in 2003 by Chinese scientist Hon link. His father was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer, he introduced it as a smokeless device of smoking tobacco flavored nicotine without second hand smoke and works with battery power. Hence, first E-cigarette model released earlier in 1963 by Herbert A Gill, but that model of never came into production. Read Detail history in our post “History of Electronic Cigarettes”.

Worldwide Launch of E-cigarette

E-cigarette manufacture in China started exporting E-cigarette in other countries. In Europe, it get launched in 2006 and in US it get launched in between 2007.

In SEP 2008, WHO Asks E-cigarette Suppliers to not to market it as “Smoking Cessation”  

As E-cigarette got quit popularity and certain brands started circulating as smoking cessation tool, World health organization has released a notice to remove such a kind of message or material which introduce E-cigarette as smoking cessation or considered as Smoking cessation by WHO.

In Oct 2008, New Zealand Health Department released a statement In favor of E-cigarette as “Better Smoking Alternative”

Based on research conducted by the New Zealand health department and funded by Ruyan (first E-cigarette manufacturer), E-cigarette proved to be less harmful and more effective as smoking alternative in place of real cigarette which is more harmful. It also concludes that the carcinogens and toxicants found in E-cigarette are at level which is not sufficient to harm human health. View detail statement

July 2009, FDA’s Press Release demoralizing The Use of E-cigarette

Based on tests conducted on two of the popular Electronic cigarette brand, it announces a press release with a statement that certain toxic chemicals have been found in E-cigarette which may cause serious health problems at long term consumption. Hence, later FDA’s study had been reviewed by scientific consulting firm Exponent Inc and gave a statement that the FDA’s study wasn’t enough sufficient to prove that smoking cessation NRT products approved by FDA are more effective and harmless than E-cigarette as the level of carcinogens were similar in both products.

May 2009, Electronic cigarette association is founded

Having headquarters in Washington DC, ECA consists of E-cigarette manufacturer, supplier and distributor who supports and speak on behalf of E-cigarette. It also works with some of the government organization to establish the standard for E-cigarette manufacturing and circulation for better health and safety of E-cigarette consumers.

April 2010, AAPHP Statement in Favor of E-cigarette

“ AAPHP favors a permissive approach to E-cigarettes because the possibility exists to save the lives of four million of the eight million current adult American smokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next twenty years”. View detail statement Here.

Worldwide Acceptance of E-cigarette As most Preferred Smoking Alternative

According to a survey conducted in 2010, no. of E-cigarette users reached to 10 million among total 45 million smokers in US. E-cigarette gaining quicker popularity day by day and it is being introduced among thousands of smokers for better health and safety.

E-cigarette Case Study : Second Hand vapor isn’t Harmful As Second Hand Smoke

Along with elimination of second hand smoke from Cigarettes ( saving lives of 50,000 people in US who die due to second hand smoke from Cigarettes ) scientific research on its vapor proved that second hand vapor isn’t harmful at all due to disappearing quickly in the atmosphere.

Other Case Studies and Research on E-cigarette :

Some Cool Pics From Participation at Tobacco Trade Fair – XEO CIGS

Future Developments on Vaping under Veils

There is a steady growth in the number of electronic cigarette users all over the world and the leading manufacturers of the product are leaving no stone unturned to make their products more popular and attractive among the smokers. If you are one of those who newly fell in love with e-cigs then you must be pretty curious to know what is there waiting for you in the future and you must be delighted to know that quite a few new electronic smoking devices are on the process of development and you can have a chance to look and check out those smoking devices in very near future.

Among all the new electronic smoking devices that are waiting for a launch into the market the ECigPod deserves an early mention. There can be nothing more relaxing than smoking and listening to your favorite music at the same time and the ECigPod is going to provide you with that perfect opportunity. Have a smoke and listen to your favorite tines anywhere and anytime with these amazing devices.

The E-Cig Mobile is another device that is expected to be extremely popular among modern tech savvy smokers. Anybody can have a chat with other e-cig users within a radius of 5000 mile using the Halo ECigMobile service installed in these smoking devices.

The E-Cigarette Pen is going to be another great smoking device for e-cig lovers. These smoking pens look same as common pens but one end of the pen can be used as an ordinary ball pen and the other end as a touch pen while the smoking device is conveniently fitted in the middle part of the pen. They are difficult to be identified as smoking devices and are great to sneak in those places where even e-cigs are not allowed.

The E-Cigarette Bling is going to be the first electronic cigarette made of pure gold and there is also a diamond that sparkles every time the smoker inhales. This is certainly a great show off and is certainly going to be popular among posers and rappers.

The E-Cigarette Drug Delivery Device that is still at the development stage can very well be considered as the best and most helpful of all the new e-cig smoking devices. They can certainly be a great and most useful alternative for painful injections and will allow the patients to inhale their drugs in a wide range of delicious flavors.

The E-Cig Assassin is perhaps the most ambitious of all the e-cigarette smoking devices under development. This harmless looking smoking device will also be able to throw a dart that is lethal enough for instant killing. This particular device will be a special gift to those secret service agents that will allow them to enjoy their nicotine fix without setting off the alarms.

Top Reasons Behind Circulation of E-cigarette As a Best Smoking Alternative

What makes e-cigarette so popular and successful? E-cigarettes are accepted socially worldwide and more and more people switching to E-cigarette over traditional cigarettes, for better smoking experience. Especially in US, 8 million people have already switched and accepted E-cigarette as a healthier and safer alternative to smoking. Let’s discuss some reasons behind its growing popularity and circulation as a smoking alternative.

Research:  Revealing The Truth

As an E – cigarette is being the biggest threat to tobacco and cigarette industry and due to a large audience; so many scientific researches have been conducted in the past and being conducted continuously for detecting any harmfulness of it. Research has proved that E-cigs are 100% safe and better compared to traditional cigarettes and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that of tobacco cigs other than nicotine. None of the research has proved that E-cigarettes are as dangerous and harmful as real cigarettes. So scientifically and logically, Ecigs are thousands times safer than Real cigs.

Finance: It Saves Money

In the US, as per smoking trends different states government has imposed different excise tax on cigarette pack. In New York, an excise tax of 4.35 $ applies to each cigarette pack which makes it cost 15 $. Single e-c-cig cartridge costs you around 3 -6 $ max and equivalent to 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes. Thus, a regular smoker can save around 50-60 % of his spending on smoking.

Success: It Really Works

Many e-cigarette brands promote it as a tool for quitting smoking and it also works somehow. 60% of smokers, who switched to E-cigarette, have left smoking tobacco cigarette. A research also proved that E-cig has an ability to regulate smoking habit due to contain similar to smoking cessation aid. So higher success ratio is observed among E-cig users compare to any other NRT products which also speaks loudly behind its success.

Health: It is Less Harmful

Absence of Tar, Tobacco, Ash and other harmful chemicals makes E-cigarette healthier and safe that real cigarettes. Only harmfulness of E-cig is, if nicotine consumed in higher dosage, it may produce blockage for blood circulation and may cause deaths for smoker with high blood pressures.

Freedom: No Rules for Smoking

Smoking into no smoking zone has become possible with E-cigarette. It operates on rechargeable battery and vapor produced by heating liquid nicotine is water mist and smells good. E-cigarette can be smoked at restaurants, hotels, cinema theaters, shops and any in-house places where you can’t smoke tobacco cigarettes.

Choice: More Flavors to Taste

There are around 30 -50 e-cigarette flavors are available to smoke with E-cig. A smoker just needs to change the cartridge for trying these delicious flavors. Tobacco, menthol, sweet cherry, melon is some of the most voted E-cig flavors. It is also possible to try more than one flavor with the same E-cigarette battery, so no need to buy the whole cigarette for different taste.

Availability: Online and Offline

Due to difference in working and contain of e-cigarette, certain department store and shopping malls allow E-cigs to be sold publicly. Along with being sold at all cigarette retail stores, E-cig covers considerable online market share compared to traditional cigs.

Stylist: It Makes You Stand Out from Crowd

Due to the stylist product range, battery and Led light at top, E-cigarette smokers truly stands out from the crowd. People would notice and will be curious in knowing what you smoke. At least, E-cigarette smoker can smoke with style and proud, where regular smokers can’t.

Thus, E-cigarette are 100% Safe, better, Social and healthier alternative to smoking. E-cigarette is a need of todays smoking youth due to growing deaths, diseases and problems of cigarette smoking.

Have You Tried E-cigarette Yet?