Sweet Cherry – Lip Smacking Flavor by XEO E-cigarette

Looking for a great alternative to conventional cigarettes? Here comes a lip-smacking flavor in e-cigarettes, the sweet cherry!!


Of late, the electronic cigarettes have become exceptionally popular, with more and more people showing a keen interest to quit smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes, and have the taste of fresh flavors, blended with little tobacco, to give the feel of smoking a real cigarette. However, at the same time, it is negligibly harmful and also adds a style to the way of smoking. What more!! E-cigarettes are much more acceptable in the public, with no harmful impact of passive smoking.

With the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, plenty of innovations have been introduced in the market, adding to the delight of people who are planning to quit smoking with a better and healthier alternative. Today, e-cigarettes are available in plenty of delightful flavors, leaving behind a cool and lip-smacking feel hours later. Most importantly, these flavors outshine the disgusting feel of the tobacco in the mouth, which lingers for a long time. Since, tobacco is blended with different types of flavors; the use of harmful tobacco is lesser than traditional cigarettes, reducing the risks of health complications.

The latest innovation in e-cigarettes flavor is lip-smacking sweet cherry. Delicate and smooth maraschino cherries join the flavor of mild tobacco to offer a perfect blend that is soothing to the mouth and delectably mind boggling. If you are bored of the standard vanilla flavored e-cigarettes, sweet cherry is a must try for a lip-smacking, delectable feeling that lingers around for a long time. In fact, this is one of the most pulsating and popular e-cigarette flavor cartridges available in the market today.

The original sweet cherry e-cigarette flavor cartridge takes the finest selections of the just right amount of delicate maraschino cherry extract, full-flavored tobacco ingredients, and a subtle overtone of vanilla. This distinct flavor provides an intricate yet smooth e-cigarette experience that is irresistible. If you don’t prefer the mix of vanilla, you have a wide selection of experiencing a burst a smooth black cherry, blended in maraschino undertones, swaddled with dark mahogany and a blush of juicy and delicate Bing cherries.

The new and delectable sweet cherry flavor e-cigarette is tantalizingly punchy, potent, tangy, and a soothing sweet addition to an exotic line-up of distinct flavors. Some of the top e-cigarettes brands also offer a splendid trio of classic sweet cherry flavors, tantalizing your senses and leaving behind a feel-good factor, long after you had a taste of it. What more!! You can now choose the strength of your flavor selection, depending on how much you want to feel the fruity ‘cherry’ punch while smoking.

The fresh and splendid sweet cherry flavored e-cigarettes are a super-hit in the market, with more delightful flavors to be innovated to offer you an extraordinary smoking experience.     



E-cigarette,Perfect Solution to Growing Smoking Deaths and Diseases

Do you know each year the Government spends 197 billions of dollars on health care expenditure and medical expenditure caused by cigarette smoking? Cigarette smoking also causes billions of cost in the form of lost productivity and exponentially spending on smoking by smokers. Smoking related morality deaths are higher compare to all other dangerous diseases like Aids, cancers (other than the lungs), TB and diabetes. According to world health organization, if a current smoking trend continues, by 2013 smoking related deaths would reach to 8 million including 6000,000 non smokers.

Have a Quick Look at Below Charts for Smoking Related Statistics

What Are the Current Course of Actions Being Taken By Government?

Government has put a ban on cigarette advertising and prevented companies to provide any kind of advertisement on radio, TV or print media. It has also put ban on cigarette companies sponsoring any kind of public events.

Government increases excise duty on a pack of cigarettes which has also proved to be a good step in increasing overall revenue from cigarette and other tobacco products and reducing cigarette consumptions over the time.

Government supports and assign fund to different organizations which conduct tobacco control programs from the revenue generated from tax on tobacco products.

Government also conducts various anti smoking campaign and force cigarette companies to add a message in form of text or images explaining the harmfulness of cigarette smoking.

Are These Efforts Sufficient Enough?

Even after these many efforts and ban on cigarette advertising, different government organizations like WHO and FDA has reported considerable growth in smoking trends. Other than US, cigarette smoking being spread quickly among the developing countries and the young adults are the audience who influenced most of cigarette smoking. If considerable steps will not be taken by government, Smoking would become a key issue and it will become difficult to control in the future.

Why E-cigarette, How it helps?

To control the tobacco consumption, E-cigarette can be the most preferred choice for addicted smokers. For those who don’t know about E-cigarette, read our post “What Is E-cigarette”.  Scientific and medical research on E-cigarettes has stated than E-cigarettes are 100% safer than traditional cigarettes and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and toxigenic ingredients like traditional cigarettes. E-cigarette has a higher success ratio among smokers who quit cigarette compare to other available products in the market. AAPHP (American Association of Public Health Physician) also released a statement in support of E-cigarette by concluding the possibilities of saving thousands of adult lives which would may die due to cigarette Smoking.

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Various Tobacco Products and Health Concerns Associated With Each

Do you know how much other tobacco products are there to consume tobacco and nicotine other than cigarettes? Tobacco has been growing in America since the 12th century by Native American Mayan Indians. Tobacco was being used for different medicinal and religious events before it started growing for smoking or for cigarette production.  Before an invention of cigarettes, people used to smoke tobacco in different form, pipe like device, rolling it into plants leaf and or smoking through Hookah  like devices. Different instruments have been revealed for smoking from various historical cultures. Let’s have a quick look at all these popular products for tobacco smoking.


This revolutionary device is gaining pretty much popularity among the younger generation due to its affrodablity and ability to provide harmless smoking without the use of other harmful chemicals generally found in cigarettes. E-cigarette is a cigarette like device which operates on battery and produce nicotine vapor like smoke from liquid nicotine which smoker needs to inhale through the mouth. The key features of E-cigarette, tobacco is used for flavoring purposes only and it doesn’t contain any second hand smoke. E-cigarettes are available in various flavors and types, have a look at detail post on “ introduction to E-cigarette” for detail information regarding E-cigs.

Cigar and Cigarettes

As these two products are most used for smoking, don’t need to have further explanation on what they are. Cigarettes and cigar play big role in the state economy and overall health and medical expenditure. Every year, cigarette smoking cause maximum deaths than any other diseases in US and government spends billions of dollars for medical expenditure and tobacco control programs to control youth smoking among different states. Read our post “Smoking Trends in US” for detail information on cigarette smoking.


Snus first get introduced in Sweden and being used as chewing tobacco. In Sweden, Snus is also pretty much popular for quitting smoking products as reduced cigarette consumption have been seen among people who use snus instead of cigarettes. In the US, Snus is getting good popularity as chewing tobacco and being started manufactured by big brands like Camel and Marlboro due to increasing excise duty and a ban on cigarette advertising among different states by government.  Consuming tobacco only instead of other harmful chemicals is the biggest advantage of snus over cigarettes.

Liquid Tobacco in Hookah

Another form of tobacco smoking is inhaling smoke from liquid tobacco stored in a bowl like device and producing smoke by continuous heating the liquid in the bowl. Origin of Hookah is considered to be in Asian culture and then being introduced in US and European countries. As per shown in image, hookah contain liquid tobacco at the base and smoker needs to inhale through long pipes attached to its base. People enjoy such a kind of smoking in a group rather than individually as more than one pipe can be attached to the base which contain liquid nicotine. A liquid used in Hookah contain 2- 3 % of tobacco only for flavoring and available in various flavors. Smoking hookah is less harmful than the cigarettes and snus explained above.

XEO CIGS’S Fan Story : How I Quit?

Leaving your smoking habit is one of the easiest things that you can do in your life. Does it sound strange? Believe me that over the last couple of years I have left smoking not once or twice, but more than ten times and it was never more than a week than I returned to my previous status of almost a chain smoker. Then I made up mu mind that it is going to my New Year’s resolution for the next decade as I was convinced that after years of smoking I was beyond any chance of rehabilitation and accepted my fate as someone who is going to die with cancer. But it all changed when I accidentally came to know about the smokeless e-cigarettes while just fooling about online, as usual with a cigar that continue to burn perennially within my index middle fingers and with a contemplative look upon the swirling smoke that came out of mu burning fingers I decided to give them a try and that proved to be one of the best decision that I have ever made in my life.

Now my wife is more satisfying than ever, my doctor says I’ve achieved something that he thought was next to impossible for me and the nicotine stains between my fingers have become almost invisible and of course I have some more money in my pocket at the end of the month . Now the only thing I want to know that if my lungs is looking better than they looked still a couple of years ago and I’m also pretty convinced that I’m going to live a few more years on this beautiful earth at least a few years more than I would if I’ve been continuing with smoking traditionally tobacco.

Like most modern smokers me too was not ignorant of the deadly injurious effect of tobacco smoking but during the first few years of my smoking life I was adamant and later on I simply found me almost helpless in this respect. I still do smoke a few times per day but without the deadly effect of it and it has only become possible because now I smoke the XEO E-cigarette and I’m also gradually bringing down the nicotine level in the cigars that I smoke and by the end of this year I expect to get complete rid of this long time bad habit of mine.

A wide variety of electronic cigarettes are now available online and some of them are pretty cheap. If anybody is encouraged to try them out after going through my experience I’ll personally advice them to choose E-cigarette from Xeocigs.com and  avoid the cheaper varieties as they often fail to produce the desired results and the more expensive varieties are always a better option for they only give you almost the same level of mental satisfaction but also help you to save your health and money on a long term.

Thanks you XEO CIGS for helping me achieve better health and gifting me this marvelous product.

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