Should Tobacco Control Programs Support the Circulation of E-cigarette?

Growing smoking rate among young adults is a one of the most concerning issue for government of Different countries and it is growing exponentially in developing countries. Government of different countries has also put a ban on various types of public advertising by cigarette companies, hence each year new audience of young adults being directed towards smoking and being more addictive to tobacco. In the US, according to a survey conducted in 2012, 19.3% of adults in US are smokers. Currently the digit has been reached to 8 million.  View our postSmoking Trends in US” for detail information on smoking trends among people in the US.

Each year, the government spends billions of dollars on medical and healthcare expenditure and assigns millions of dollars to tobacco control programs to reduce the overall consumption of the cigarettes. So the question is, Should We Consider E-cigarette As a tool to reduce tobacco consumption?” or Should tobacco control programs support the circulation of E-cigarette?” Before making any assumption, let’s have a quick look at the official research conducted by AAPHP on E-cigarette and its feedback.

Official Statements by AAPHP ( American Association of Public Health Physician)

American Association of Public Health Physician conducted a research on the E – cigarette and given a statement in Favor of E-cigarette. By observing the impact of E-cigarette and current smoking trends among US adults. It Stated that “AAPHP favors a permissive approach to E-cigarettes because the possibility exists to save the lives of four million of the eight million current adult American smokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next twenty years”.

Along with above statement it also stated that if a person who is a heavy smoker  switched to smokeless tobacco product with less contain of nicotine like E-cigarette or NRT products, he or she can reduce the risk by 98% which might caused by other harmful chemicals and tobacco found in traditional cigarettes. Along with providing a statement in favor of E-cigarette, it also stated that in the US, 80% of the people consumed nicotine through traditional cigarettes and death caused by cigarettes is not due to nicotine but the other harmful mixture consumed with tobacco in cigarettes.

My Thoughts

Scientifically, E-cigarette doesn’t use tobacco or other harmful mixture as of traditional cigarettes. If E-cigarette gets introduced to heavy smoker, it can reduce the health risk by a considerable percentage.

As any person can control nicotine contain by switching to E-cigarette cartridge with low nicotine, one can also think of quitting nicotine completely by time with 0 MG nicotine refill.

Certain brands of E-cigarette have launched flavors which motivate young nonsmoker’s adults; Government must ban those E-cigarette flavors which motivates the promotion on E-cigarette.

There must be strict rules and regulation that E-cigarette must not get circulated to under age people.

There should be strict rules for manufacturing of E-cigarettes, certain brands use low quality material or doesn’t follow quality standard which ensures accurate contain of nicotine in each cartridge of E-cig.

At last, if the ultimate goal is to reduce the tobacco and cigarette consumption, E-cigarette are more effective than any other product and smokers can easily give us smoking which is not possible with other products.


Who Supports E-cigarette and Who Are Against?

No matter whether it is being circulated as tobacco product or It would be circulated as Smoking cessation, one thing is clearly proven that E-cigarette are 100% safe and thousands times less harmful than Real Cigarettes. Different research and case studies on E-cigarette have also proved that E-cigarette has an ability to regulate smoking habit of addictive smokers by providing them same smoking sensation as real cigarettes without the use of tobacco. No matter government approves E-cigarette legally or not, millions of people have switched to this healthier smoking alternative and enjoying a healthier life by giving up tobacco smoking. Hence, different people have different opinion on its use and circulation, let’s quickly review different types of audience who support and who oppose the E-cigarette.

Tobacco and Cigarette Manufacturers :

E-cigarette is the biggest threaten product for tobacco and cigarette makers. As per last year’s report, among 45 million smokers in the US, 8 million smokers switched to E-cigarette. The popularity of E-cigarette is growing tremendously and each day E-cigarette is being introduced to new smokers in different countries. Many tobacco companies including RJ Reynolds have entered into this competitive niche. So for the tobacco companies, E-cigarette is a crap product which promises to provide same smoking sensation but can’t replace the real cigarettes. They try to create a negative reputation of E-cigarette by spreading few incidents and tests which are against the E-cigarette.

Government and Political Groups :

Does it make any sense in putting a ban on the E – cigarette and allowing the  circulation of tobacco cigarettes which consists 4000 harmful chemicals along with tobacco which are very dangerous to human health. Many governments have banned the circulating of E-cigarette and allowed the circulation of real cigarettes.  When it comes to government, a deep political reasons are involved which can control the flow of money in the overall economy of the country. Government consumes a huge part of income in the state economy by imposing tax on tobacco products. If E-cigarette doesn’t get circulated as tobacco product, it can’t impose extra tax which they can apply to tobacco products. So, for the government, E-cigarette is another tobacco product which people use for fun yet less harmful.

FDA and Other Health Research Institute:

The FDA and other research are neutral and strictly observe the products based on real experiment conducted on specific products.  IN past, FDA conducted various experiments on the E – cigarette from a popular brand of E-cigarette and has found certain chemicals which may prove to be very dangerous to human health. Later, research conducted by ECA ( Electronic Cigarette Association) stated that the chemicals which are found in E-cigarette are in very low contain which is incapable of damaging human health and the contain and chemicals are similar to those found in Nicotine replacement therapy products recommended by FDA.

Many other researches by certain health institutes have given a statement in favor of E-cigarette based on true observation of its ability to regulate smoking habits. As of now, the FDA has requested members of ECA to establish strict guidelines and criteria for its manufacturing. Due to its growing popularity and health benefits experienced by real smokers, the days are not far when FDA has to announce it as an official smoking cessation product.

Real Smokers

At last, it is the group of people based on which entire tobacco and E-cigarette industries rely on. Different countries have different smoking ratio among different genders and age group. Smoking is growing at very fast speed in developing countries and it is affecting mostly the young adults who are being diverted towards smoking and being addictive day by day.  The death ratio among people due to smoking is also growing tremendously. For an addicted smoker, E-cigarette can be really life and money savvier device due to its ability to provide the same smoking experience without use of tobacco. For people who want to quit smoking and trying different nicotine replacement products, E-cigarette can prove to be more affordable and effective than these NRT products. E-cigarette has become favorite among young and educated smokers and more and more people preferring E-cigarette over traditional cigarette for smoking due to its advantages and health benefits.

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‘X’ for Extra Health Benefits

Along with gaining all the health benefits by giving up tobacco and other chemicals found in tobacco cigs, you can ensure extra health benefits, gradually switching to nicotine cartridge form high contain nicotine to low one. XEOCIGS has developed three different E-cig cartridge with different contain of nicotine, 25 MG for addictive smokers, 16 MG for regular and 0 MG for quitting smokers.  One can  choose the cartridge as per his addiction.

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We research customer needs and have developed an exclusive range of E-cigarette cartridge with 7 different flavors and 3 types of E-cigarette cartridges suitable for smokers of different smoking addiction. We have tried to implement cartridges of distinguishing taste which provide a unique experience with each flavor and taste.

X for Extra Battery Life 

In our survey  Among of E-cigarette smokers, we concluded, most of the people  have complained about its battery life and wanted to get rid of frequent battery charging. By keeping  in mind the result, we have integrated powerful Lithium Ion battery of 3.9 V  which last longer and makes you free of its charging. XEO E-cigarette is also available with electronic storage which keeps the battery charged whenever you need.

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Is it Liable to Compare E-cigarettes with Smoking Cessation Product?

Many Research on E-cigarette have stated that E-cigarettes are 100% safe alternative and progressive studies on the E – cigarette also stated that it cause no harm to heart or lung of smokers. You can have a look at all these research and statements on the E-cigarette at the end of this post. E-cigs are being very popular across the US and Eurpean market for providing harmless tobacco free smoking and many people have also experienced various benefits of E-cigarette. Due the contain of E-cigarettes and its benefits over traditional tobacco cigs, many people started considering it as quit smoking device as. Let’s have a brief overview of the different factors between E-cigarettes and other smoking cessation products.


Contain of E-cigarette is a key factor behind its global acceptance as a healthier smoking alternative. E-cigarettes , nicotine gum and patches have one common thing, they deliver nicotine in a different form to the body which helps satisfy the temporary nicotine craving of your body. Each one is available in different cantons of nicotine, smoker can choose to use one as per his addiction and habit. Many research stated that all these products have similar contain for helping smokers qui0tting cigarettes.


When any addicted person quit smoke , his body craves for nicotine of which he is addicted to.Quitting  nicotine instantly results in nervousness,depression or headache. So, there must be a way to satisfy this body craving so he can quit smoking progressively by reducing the contain of nicotine consumed per day. All these products work on the single principle, to satisfy the body craving by delivering nicotine in different forms through different medium in contain which doesn’t harm human health.

Nicotine Consumption Methods

E-cigarettes deliver nicotine in the form of water vapor just like smoke in real cigarettes. Nicotine Gum delivers nicotine in liquid form through mouth tissues by chewing and nicotine patches delivers nicotine in the blood stream through screen tissue. Due to the difference in a way different products deliver nicotine, users can choose the one of which he finds comfortable and most effective.


A survey among users who have used all three products for quitting smoking, 60% voted that E-cigarettes are most effective among all products. E-cigarette delivers nicotine in the form of vapor produced from liquid nicotine, which gives the same sensation of smoking like real cigarettes without use of tobacco. Due to this, it gets success in satisfying nicotine craving instantly compare  to gum or patches. With E-cigarettes, smokers can easily quit cigarettes which is almost impossible with other products.

Side Effects

Nicotine patches cause screen problems as it has to stick on the screen for a longer time, nicotine gum causes teeth problems and headache if chewed for longer time.So far, there’s no side effect has been discovered on use of E-cigarette, which is a plus point comparing to nicotine gum and patches.


E-cigarette comes with starter kits which is a single time purchase cost available at 25-30 $ and cartridge which is replaceable part available at a very affordable range around 5 cartridges at 4-5 $. Nicotine patches and gum are more costly than E-cigarettes.

Thus, E-cigarettes are more preferable in different kinds of  factors when compared to other products which is also the reason for the growing community of E-cigarette users. The days are not far when E-cigarette would get started distributing as smoking cessation products.