Innovative Anti-Smoking Advertising Campaign

Day by day smoking among youth has been growing tremendously in different countries and it has pushed at good speed in developing countries. View our post “Smoking Trends in US” for detail information of smoking among different states and audience in US. Government makes different efforts in reducing youth smoking and consumption of cigarettes. WHO (World Health Organization) has predicted 6 million death by cigarette smoking each year globally and if trends continues, in 2030 there would be around 8 million deaths each year by smoking including deaths by second hand smoke.

Many research on cigarettes stated that smoking impacts on each and every part of human body and give a birth to certain diseases like lung, bladder and kidney cancer and different hearth diseases. In US, smoking costs around 94.3 million in medical expenditure and lost productivity.

To reduce smoking, government supports organizations which are active for spreading tobacco awareness and conducts tobacco control programs. Below are the some of the Anti-smoking campaign advertisement to motivate people to quit smoking and getting them realized about the downside of the cigarette smoking.

Main Reason for Lung, Kidney, Bladder Cancers & Heart Diseases 

Smoking Shorten Human life

Research says, non smokers live healthier and longer life than smokers. Continuous cigarette smoking deducts your life and cause productivity lost. Below images perfectly elaborate the concept.

It Costs You Money

Normal smokers smoke 3-4 cigarettes each day and the no. and addiction continuously grows by time. Government imposes more tax on tobacco products than other products to reduce overall consumption. Nicotine in cigarette enhances your smoking addiction which further expands your spending on smoking.

Smoking Kills Human Lives

Each year, millions of people die due to smoking and second hand smoke, Creative ads highlighting Killing by cigarette smoking.

Ads Visualizing Smoking Effects 

Small visual presentation is worth than thousand words article explaining bad impacts of cigarettes. Creative graphics which are controversial to people who think smoking makes them style icon and adds charm to their personality.

Are you convinced or get motivation from above images? If yes, you would take steps towards quieting smoking. If your addiction stops you abandoning cigarettes, you can choose better option which is much safer and healthier.

Electronic Cigarettes – No Tobacco, No Tar, No Ash  

E-Cigarettes are much safer and healthier than real cigarettes and cause less damage than tobacco based cigarettes. Read our full port about “Electronic Cigarettes”.


Why Electronic Cigarettes are Best Alternative of Real Cigarettes?

Whether you smoke Electronic cigarettes or real tobacco cigarettes, there is no guaranty that one of them wouldn’t harm your health. Objective is to choose the one which is less harmful or in other words which is much safer than other.

As per FDA, Electronic cigarettes must not marketed with purpose of smoking cessation product as it delivers nicotine in form of vapor and it also found some toxic chemicals during its research even if the content which wasn’t capable enough to harm to human body, it recommends to use other nicotine replacement product like nicotine gum, patches or nicotine inhaler which are approved by FDA as smoking cessation products. As per current statement, E cigarettes falls under tobacco product and can’t be marketed as cigarette cessation product.

If you are addicted to smoking and have already tried out these smoking cessation products, you might have experience that none of these products which are so called “nicotine replacement product” works best against your smoking habit the way it delivers nicotine to your body.

Nicotine is addictive ingredient which makes you addicted of smoking tobacco and other harmful chemicals present in real cigarettes.  At the stage when smoking secures its place in your schedule, it becomes very difficult to quit smoking instantly with these products and you have to adapt a method which helps you to quit smoking in progressive sequential stages.

Why Electronic Cigarettes?

There is couple of good things about electronic cigarettes which makes them best alternative of real cigarettes and a product to regulate your smoking habit.

First it eliminates the use of tobacco and other harmful chemicals like real cigarettes which reduce the possibilities of being victim of diseases like lung cancers, kidney cancers and other heart diseases.

Nicotine present in Electronic cigarettes is in very low percentage with intention to satisfy your body carving of which you are addicted to. Means the level of nicotine is as low as other nicotine replacement products.

Due to having structure which produces vapor from liquid nicotine present in cartridge which supposed to be inhaled from mouth, it provides same smoking sensation like real cigarettes without use of tobacco. Means an addicted smoker can easily switch to E-cigarette which is almost difficult with other nicotine replacement products.

If one wants to utilize e-cigarette with purpose of quitting smoking, he or she can reduce the level of nicotine sequentially stage by stage from higher to lover by using cartridges with different percentage of nicotine and can switch to cartridge with 0mg nicotine. Thus, provide logical loyal reasons to be tried out as smoking alternatives.

Along with above basic features, it gain certain advantages like no second hand smoke, affordable, long lasting cartridge which equals to one pack of cigarettes and freedom to smoke any place makes it much safer and much fancy compare to real cigarettes.

Certain research also concluded that the nicotine and other chemicals present in E-cigs are similar to products approved by FDA as nicotine replacement therapy.

So technically and logically, E cigarettes are thousand times safer than real cigarettes. If you are addicted smoker, you must give a try to these electronic cigarettes for better health and safety!

FDA and Electronic Cigarettes

Since ever its first introduction of electronic cigarettes, it’s been always in great issue against its circulation and regulation. If you wander whether FDA approves the circulation of electronic cigarettes or not this is the post for you to reveal all your questions about Electronic cigarettes and FDA approval.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) gives final approval for the products to circulate or marketed in US. This includes all the food, pharmaceutical medicines & tools, tobacco products. So the food we take or medicine we prefer, if they are approved by FDA, you are safe at your side on its usage as FDA puts its all efforts to give final approval on circulation of that specific products.

FDA’s Definition of Electronic Cigarettes

Official definition of electronic cigarettes by FDA stats as the device which is made for delivering nicotine in form of vapor and described as three parts which are rechargeable battery, atomizer and cartridge.

Does electronic cigarette have FDA Approval?

As of now, there isn’t any statement by FDA about safety and effectiveness of E cigarettes. But FDA in process and interaction with ECA( electronic cigarette association)  to work with corporation to establish rules for circulation and marketing of electronic cigarettes by satisfying the aim of FDA of ensuring public health.

What Category E cigarettes fall under?

Nicotine itself get considers as drug which require to meet pharmaceutical standard. Drugs used for nicotine replacement follow certain standards on its approval as nicotine replacement therapy and E cigarettes Nicotine doesn’t get considered as replacement therapy products means not adoption as drug product and device also not considered as medical device. So it falls under tobacco products which require meeting the rules defined by FDA for its marketing and circulation just like other tobacco products.

Past Evidence Against E-Cigarettes By FDA

Previously, FDA conducted detail analysis on cartridges from two different brands and found that the contain of nicotine wasn’t as per mentioned on cartridges.  Along with inaccurate content of nicotine, it also gets certain harmful toxic chemicals which may harm human health if delivered for long term. Based on this research it has provided warning letters to five distributers of electronic cigarettes for improving the manufacturing quality of products.

Research & Statement in Support of E-Cigarettes

Due to the lower level of nicotine and deduction of tobacco from its cartridges, it is logically true that it is 1000 times safer than traditional cigarettes and can become best alternative of cigarettes to smoker by causing less damage to human health compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Research by AAPHP (American Association of Public Health Physicians) supported the sales of E cigs to make an influence of death ratio among adults due to smoking.

E cigarettes are “much safer” and can regulate the habit of smoking is the conclusion of research on E cigs conducted by Boston School university of public health along with providing statement that level of nicotine and other toxic chemicals are as lower as other nicotine drug products.

Are you smoker? Five Reasons to choose E Cigs over traditional cigarettes

What makes you addictive of smoking?  Is its taste which you like? Or just being addictive of those few seconds of excitement drove by smoking traditional cigarettes. People who aren’t aware, traditional cigarettes contain high percentage of nicotine. Addition of nicotine with tobacco and other harmful chemicals makes you addictive of tobacco smoking. So it’s not tobacco which makes you addictive but its nicotine which makes you habitual of smoking.

E cigarette contains liquid nicotine and the percentage of nicotine is at lower level which is usually found in coffee.  It doesn’t contain the tobacco and other harmful ingredients which generally founds in tobacco cigarettes. So E Cigarette is one of best alternative of Traditional cigarettes. Along with health benefits, there are few reasons which motivate smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes.

No Second Hand Smoke

Do you know how much people die due to second hand smoke?  Your smoking habits can raise health trouble for thousands of people. In US alone, second hand smoke cause 50, 000 deaths each year.

No Tar! No Ash! No Tobacco!

Electronic cigarettes are 100% environmental friendly as it doesn’t produce second hand smoke or doesn’t produce waste like cigarettes buts as of traditional one. Means you need to buy it once and can replace the cartridges of E cigs.

Takes It Anywhere you like

Yes, you can take your E-cigarettes any place you visit or travel and you don’t need to carry extra things like cigarette lighters or packets.  Due to smoke free vapor, it is allowed to smoke at any place where tobacco cigarettes are restricted.

It is Affordable

Various taxes by state government get imposed on tobacco products which are main reasons for price hike of cigarette pack. Whether you smoke 3 to 4 cigarettes or whole packs of cigarettes in one day, E Cigarettes can save your 40 – 50 % of spending on smoking along with providing same smoking feeling as tobacco.

No Fire Burning or Holes in cloths

It uses power of electronic rechargeable battery to produce smoke from nicotine liquid which makes it nonflammable. No more worries about burning homes or other worry as of traditional cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Affiliate program – Next Bigger Niche for Affiliates to Earn High Commission

If you are in business of affiliate marketing or earning commission by being part time affiliate marketers, you may aware of that choosing a products to promote through affiliate marketing is the most necessary steps you should aware of. One also has to brain storm on selecting right products or vendors which can reward you maximum commission on each sale generated by you or your website.

What Is E-cigarettes?

E cigarette is a cigarette of next generation which is able to provide same smoking sensation to smokers just like traditional cigarettes.  A good thing about Ecigarette is, it doesn’t use tobacco just like traditional cigarettes and doesn’t produce second hand smoke. Furthermore, it operated on rechargeable batteries which make its nonflammable and give extensive freedom to smokers to have it any place. Due to the advantages of Electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes, it is being populate very quickly among young smokers and more and more people switching to E cigarettes for “Safe & Healthier” smoking.

In upcoming years, E cigarettes would cover major smoking market in US, UK and other developing countries over traditional tobacco cigarettes and will have huge audience who would prefer to have Electronic cigarettes for smoking rather than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Why E-Cigarette Affiliate program?

These are the ever growing product with ability to take over all the tobacco based products and nicotine replacement products. Each day more and more brands being introduced in the market with their electronic cigarettes and providing huge commission for sale.

Other popular affiliate business niche like electronic products or home appliance already filled up with good competition which makes this niche very hard and competitive for you to earn.

Good Thing about E cigs is that, as they fall under tobacco products even it doesn’t use tobacco, they can’t be advertised or marketed like general products and applied all the restriction which are applied to traditional cigarettes for advertisement. This restriction of advertising opens huge market for affiliates to earn income selling products.

As electronic cigarettes had been introduced in 2003, there is restricted no. of affiliate presents in the industry. So if you are thinking of jumping into affiliate marketing to make money online, choosing these E Cigarettes as products would be smarter move which can earn you high income.

In my next post about affiliate marketing, I would come up with best affiliate program by best E cigarettes vendors.  Subscribe this blog future updates and get all the industry news about E Cigarettes – Ever growing products in tobacco industry.

Smoking Trends in US & Future of Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco free vapor, distinguish design style, freedom to smoke at any place and money saving are certain features which secure the future of electronic cigarettes. Along with providing health benefits of smoking compare to traditional cigarettes, they are also being used as style status due to availability in fancy colors and design and accessories to store them.

An electronic cigarettes is being favorite choice of adult smokers who can understand the technology easily and more aware of their health which may get hurt due to long term tobacco smoking. Let’s have a look at smoking trends in different audience in US.

Currently there are around 45 million smoker presents in US. Adults, women and men contribute different percentage in overall trends.

In US, Adult smoking trends reached to 19.3% which is highest among other countries, rest of them 21.5% are men and 17.3% are women.

Growing smoking trends among adult is a big issues as these audience are the one which can have highest bad influence and it’s been growing tremendously in developing countries.  Certain steps also have been taken by government to reduce adult smoking rate in certain states.

Most of these steps results in increasing excise duty on tobacco which also serves a strong decision on generating good revenue and reducing youth smoking in the states. Thus, there is a strong link between economy, tobacco and cigarette sales.

See below graph which presents adult smoking trends from 2003 to 2010. Years, when government imposes more tax on tobacco, there is a reduction in cigarettes purchase.

Adult smoking rates also varies as per different states in US. See the below graph which presents adult smoking trends among different states of US.

No matter what kind of audience are smokers, each year government spends billions of money in medical expenditure and healthcare expense which makes reduction in government fund gathered by imposing different taxes on tobacco product sales. To control the overall smoking ratio, government also helps organizations which make efforts in spreading tobacco awareness and conduct tobacco control program publically.

Role of Electronic Cigarettes

So with this smoking ratio, where electronic cigarettes come into picture or what role these fancy ecigs play in reducing tobacco smoking and illness which influenced by tobacco smoking.

It is proved by many research and surveys, Electronic cigarettes are 100% more safe and reliable compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Due to tobacco free vapor and freedom to smoke anywhere, one can think to smoke at places like restaurants, bars, hotels and workplace without irritating or annoying other people around you, which also indicates now you wouldn’t be victim of hate by other people around you.

As they are nonflammable, you wouldn’t face problems like holes in your pockets or other minor injury due to careless of proper holding or placing.

Single piece of cartridge of an Ecigaretts is capable to provide you enough puffs which are equal to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. No need to carry cigarette packs or lighters.

At last and most important, It saves your money as it is too affordable compare to traditional cigarettes.

Thus, Electronic cigarettes are future of smoking among youth and next generation smoking device which are proved to be less harmful and safer compare to traditional cigarettes.

History of Electronic Cigarettes – When Revolution Begun

Among 40 million smokers in US 8 million of them prefer to smoke electronic cigarettes. That indicates huge statistics of acceptance of electronic cigarettes after its release as traditional tobacco cigarettes have pretty much old history compare to E-cigarettes. Well, have you ever wander who is the person behind that fancy smoke device which you can smoke anywhere? Let’s have a quick overview on history of electronic cigarettes.

The first pattern of E-cigarettes was introduced by Herbert A Gill in 1963. He introduced this device which worked on electric power and provides similar smoking experience without having those harmful chemicals which used as ingredient to traditional cigarettes. Below is the image of pattern by Gill.

At the time were Herbert presented this product, there wasn’t much awareness about harmfulness of tobacco smoking. Furthermore, tobacco smoking was being considered as status or identity for popular celebrities which were the reason that Herbert patterns never got manufactured at that time.

A credit of manufacturing electronic cigarettes goes to Chinese scientist name Hon Link, who has invented the electronic cigarettes. Link father was heavy smoker and died of lung cancer which was the main inspiration he got to make his dreams of providing tobacco free smoking comes live with manufacturing of E cigarettes. Unfortunately, his father couldn’t avail the benefits of Ecigarettes but millions of people enjoying this smoke free vapor and keeping them away from dieses like lung cancers and other illness caused by tobacco. Thanks to Hon link for this revolutionary device which can save millions of lives.

Ruyan is the company with Link tied up and manufactured first electronic cigarettes. Ruyan also means “smoke like”. There are many rumors stories on how Hon Link got the idea of this device, whether those stories are true or not, the device truly provides lots of health benefits compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

As per WHO research, each year around 5.4 million people die due to smoking and this growing smoking trend would kill 8 million people by year of 2030 each year. Many research conducted on E cigarettes stated that, these device can regulate the smoking habits which can also help reducing the amount of deaths caused by tobacco.

Tanks to Hon Link again for introducing this revolutionary device, Electronic Cigarettes!!

Some Myths about Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, a cigarette like device operates on rechargeable battery which is able to provide tobacco free smoking which is much safer and healthier option than tobacco cigarettes, always falls in its miss understanding spread by competitors or because of ability to bring big financial change in economy which government and tobacco companies can’t afford to have.

It is originally invented by Chinese scientist who was also chain smoker to provide similar smoking experience without tobacco. His father was also heavy smoker and died of lung cancer, hence his invention didn’t able to save his father’s life but being appreciated all over world due to its benefits over traditional tobacco smoking. Read our post on “introduction to Electronic Cigarettes” for detail information, structure and working of E-cigarettes.

As having ability to regulate heavy tobacco smoking of Smoker, there are certain myths related to safety and use of Ecigs.

It is not Safe

In 2003, research by AAPHP – American Association of Public Health Physician, Stated that electronic cigarettes are much safer than use of traditional cigarettes comes with tobacco and other 4000 harmful chemicals and ingredients. If heavy smoker switch to E cigarettes and reduces the tobacco smoking on regular base, He can get himself away from tobacco addiction gradually just like other nicotine replacement products.

As of providing vapor which is nicotine free, many people also raised issue on his working or the actual contain of the E Cig as many people found many health benefits in terms of reduced breathing problem and improved productivity. Nicotine found in E Cig is much lower compare to traditional cigarettes. Thus, E Cigarettes are much safer option from all prospective.

It Contain Carcinogenic and Toxic Chemicals

US FDA- Food and Drug Administrator conducted researched to evaluate the content of E-cigarettes and selected to test 19 variety of E cigarettes from two popular brands of E Cigarettes. In certain cartridges of E Cigs, it found more percentage of nicotine as it mentioned and also stated that there are some carcinogenic chemical present in contain. Later, research conducted by one of those brand and ECA (Electronic Cigarette Association) appealed FDA, contain of nicotine and other chemicals is as similar as products which are approved by FDA as nicotine replacement therapy. In Support, there wasn’t any detail study and conclusions which were able to prove potential disadvantage of E cigarettes. It is also proved by research that any ingredient present in E cig for flavoring or mixture with nicotine are 1000 times lower than the ability to harm human health.

It Poisoned Nicotine

E cigs don’t deliver nicotine like other nicotine replacement products like nicotine inhaler, nicotine gum or nicotine patches, due to this, E cigs isn’t being consider as medial products or product as nicotine replacement therapy which are officially approved by FDA. So many people have populated that it poisoned nicotine in body but actual research states that contain of nicotine is much lower than the traditional tobacco cigarettes and similar to other products available as smoking alternative.

There is not proven study or conclusion presents which proves harmful of electronic cigarettes confidentially but certain reports and survey proved that they are thousands time safer than the actual tobacco cigarettes. Thus, electronic cigarettes are 100% safe and healthier than traditional cigarettes made of tobacco. Read our post “Tobacco Cigarettes VS Electronic Cigarettes” to see detail benefits of E-Cigs over traditional one.

What Is Xeo E-cigarette ?

XEO is the brand name relates to one of the world’s most powerful e-cigarettes built with purpose to provide you best smoking experience with the intention of preventing the damage to your health which get caused by excessive use of Tobacco. If you are chain smokers and having smoking habits keeping you away from happy healthier life or consistent normal relationship with your family members or colleagues at work, XEO electronic cigarette is your first step.

Buy Online Best XEO E-Cigarette at Affordable Price

Our main intention is to provide you the best taste of smoking along with maintaining your health. XEO electronic Cigarettes contain nicotine which is available in different percentage from 0% of nicotine cartridge to 20 % of nicotine cartridges to choose from. As It doesn’t produce second hand smoke like traditional cigarettes, it doesn’t harm to other people around you. As it doesn’t contain Tobacco, vapor comes from your mouth doesn’t smell bad or seems irritating to other people which gives you freedom to smoke at any place.Battery of the Ecigarette works for a whole day even with continuous smoking at hour, you get full freedom carrying lighters or charger. If you are travelling, our USB charger makes your journey easier which you can charge with any device with USB port. Have a look at what you get exactly with our Starter kit.

About XEO Starter Kit and Accessories 

  • You can start with disposable E-cigarette and If like, switch to XEO Starter Kit.
  • One Electronic charger for charging the battery of cigarette
  • Five Cartridges, each of different flavors
  • Two Electronic cigarettes, Just need to change the cartridge of the cigarettes
  • Three different kits to choose from varying in price

Reasons to Switch to XEO Ecigarettes 

  • Doesn’t smell bad
  • No Tobacco
  • Doesn’t need to carry extra lighter or packet
  • Affordable than Traditional one
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Taste of Five Different Flavors
  • Helps you give up tobacco
  • Less Damage to health compared to tobacco

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