Factors Behind the Huge Success of Shisha2GO

Shisha2Go has been already termed by many as the future of the vaping industry. But how can it be agreeable to tag a product like this that has been in the market only for a couple of months or so? Well considering the fact that within this short span of time the brand has sold more than 1 million units in Europe and America and is certainly the latest craze among e-cigarette a nd hookah lovers all over the world.


Such has been the craze and demand for Shisha2Go range of e-cigs that the company stock has already been emptied and as per company officials, new stock of products is expected to reach the customers shortly. But, what are the possible reasons in a short span of time that have turned Shisha2Go by XEO Cigs in such a huge craze? Shisha2Go e-cigs not only look trendy but are absolutely tobacco free, giving the customers a chance to enjoy the best smoking experience, without causing the slightest harm to their health.

As a leading e-cigs and hookah manufacturer and distributor in the global market, XEO Cigs has always ensured that all their smoking products are completely free of tobacco, tar, and other harmful chemical elements and are proven harmless to the human health. Regular tobacco smokers looking to quit their smoking habits and the Gen-X of smokers – more careful and aware about the harmful effects of natural tobacco has found Shisha2Go as an extremely attractive product to quench their urge for smoking. The youth is embracing it with a higher propensity because they can still enjoy the stylish charm that people think to come with smoking, without putting their health against the slightest of risk.

The vaping liquid used in the manufacturing of Shisha2Go range of e-cigs conforms to an extremely high standards of quality and is also available in a number of most exciting flavors those can certainly make smoking a truly enjoyable experience. Sweet Red Apple is a hot flavor of Shisha2Go that was launched in Las Vegas and then in Europe during the Frankfurt Tobacco Fair. Catering to the growing demands of the product among customers, XEO Cigs has steadily introduced a range of new and exciting flavors to the range like Wild Blueberry, Sunny Peach, Honeydew Melon, Strawberry Mint, Tutti Frutti, Arctic Blue Ice and lovely Grape – and any one of them can offer you the best e-cig smoking experiences that you will simply love to enjoy during your most relaxing moments.

With XEO Cigs products there is complete assurance for the users that there will be no tobacco at all and subsequently no tar, ash or smell too. As the e-cigs produces only water vapor, there is absolutely no chance of any kind of pollution too and what has certainly made Shisha2Go all the more popular among customers is the fact that they are almost 70% cheaper than the traditional cigarettes with much better social acceptance too.